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Gasp! I'm purchasing a JRPG!

Ok I'll be blunt: I've never played a JRPG. Never. Never ever. I havn't even thought of picking up a Final Fantasy game, nor have I played and of the "classics" like Chrono Trigger or Earthbound. I've always been a fan of Western RPGs, dungeons, dragons, axes, all that jazz.

Well all this changed yesterday. I was digging in my cousin's room for a PS2 controller to bring to my friend's house, lo and behold, I found my cousin's old PSP 1000. Seeing as my cousin just traded in every single one of his UMD's, he doesn't want it anymore. One word: SCORE!

So anyway, the PSP is MINE! I have been enjoying "tricking it out" with various themes/backgrounds, and have it nice and personalized. Then it hit me: I need some games. So I ran down my head of some good PSP titles: God of War: Chains of Olympus, Gran Turismo, Patapon, etc. Then I was reminded of one title that interests me the most: Persona Portable.

I like the premise of the Persona games. I like the nice anime characters. I like high school, and I can relate because, well, I'm in high school at the moment. I want a game that I can chip away at, that I can play on and off, and enjoy greatly. But I want that game to have some depth. That game, my dear Destructoid, is Persona PSP.

I will be writing a follow-up blog on my experience with the game. Maybe I'll call it "A JRPG Virgin Does It For The First Time". Hmm...

Also, wish me luck!
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