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Fighting Card Game Playtest GO!


On Sunday Night, at Armored Gopher Games, in Urbana IL, my card game made it's debut. The community at AG was very welcoming to the concept in general and I was able to get some valuable feedback from those who playtested. So, you may be wondering about now, how did it go?

In not so many words, partially horrendous and partially good. Some of my rules were overly complex and made understanding the game difficult. But SOME of the core concepts are VERY MUCH feasible and just need balanced. So the first prototype decks were pretty much horrible and came attached with many problems. Now, however, I have a stronger foundation.

Things that are getting chopped
-One of the stats on all attack cards is getting dropped and there will now be no blocking damage or residual blocking damage.
-Defensive style super moves will now be moved to the defense deck.
-Super Move meter needs balanced and may go from 9 turns to fully charge to 12 turns.
-Character Sheet is getting axed in favor of smaller, more deckable info cards.
-Counter cards need more clear iconography on what they block.
-Most of the artwork, since the next wave will be focusing on all five fighting style decks, will either be VERY generic or missing altogether.

Things that are being added
-More Signature Moves (Jade Deck) will be added to each character with a new Desperation Move dynamic.
-Rules will be better layed out and balanced
-Four new themed decks
-Master Deck list card which will provide a breakdown of the deck layouts to your opponents.
-Flashing gameplay dynamic will be added and tested.
-Card Burn discarding mechanic will be added and tested.

So where do things stand? I plan to have all five decks ready by November 15th in PDF format to make printing the decks easy. Does the concept of a card game based on a fighting game intrigue you? Well, I could use more testers. If interested, drop me a comment here and I'll add you to a list to send you out some PDFs.
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