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What'd You Get? - Chap-Hop Edition


If you've never heard of Mr. B, he is my favorite new thing from Britain. A banjolele-playing, pipe-smoking gentleman rhymer, his songs are just awesome:

How can you not love that? Consider yourself getting an introduction to chap-hop.

And speaking of things to get, that's what we're all here for, right? It's another weekly edition of What'd You Get, where you get to talk about all the new games and such you got this week. Like Borderlands. Or Borderlands. Or Borderlands. Well, at least that's what my friends list tells me you all got this week.

This week: nothing new. Picked up Forza 3 on Tuesday and have been playing it off-and-on for the last week or so and am really, really enjoying it.But since that should do me for a while, haven't had the need to get anything else, honestly. Oh, and I got some new hats in Team Fortress 2, so I'm happy about that. And that Left 4 Dead 2 demo thing I had to wait for that came out while I was at work.

So that's all for me this week. What'd all of you get?
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