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Nothing is Sacred: Game over man, Game Over


But what's really irritating is the challenge maps, those supplementary missions that are dissected from Arkham Asylum's campaign. The player doesn't take the same approach to combat during a challenge map as they would while playing through the campaign; the objective is radically altered, and so is the way the player takes the consequences of their actions into consideration. For the unitiated, the entire point of the combat challenge maps is to flawlessly maintain an attack combo without getting hit once in order to accumulate points and thus earn medals. Suddenly, actually winning the fight makes no difference; it's an uncomfortable fluxation to say the least. In this way, the game spontaneously materializes a reason to fail you. It takes the game experience completely out of context and serve as a radical departure from the experience that encompasses the rest of the game. In what backwards wonderland does a room full of unconscious goons equate to my failure? Why is Batman standing around in places he's already been, seeing if he can beat down fools absolutely perfectly? Doesn't he have somewhere better to be? If Batman got punched in the chest once by Joker cronie #352 would he pack his bags and head home? No he fucking wouldn't, he would shove his damn fist down their throat! For these reasons, the player doesn't feel like they've actually failed when they come short of the score requirement for a medal; they've only failed because the game said they did.

A lot of games attempt to incorporate failure into the game experience, doing so outright badly; the desire of the player not to fail is foreboding and overcasts the other feelings the game attempts to incite within the player. Adhering to failure squanders the impact of the motif. If the developer doesn't trust that you will carry out an action to their intent, they have no faith in their own game. Failure is a pathological opportunity seldom taken advantage of at best; a copout a worst.
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