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Tubaticisms 10-30-09: Gay Tony, Sweaty Men and Difficult Bits


- Started in on The Ballad of Gay Tony tonight. I'm really enjoying it so far! I can appreciate very much that they didn't make Luis the main character of GTA IV. While he could easily fit into the same mold as Niko, they're doing things with the social structure of Algonquin Island that make it more interesting than the full scale rags to riches romp that a core GTA game ends up having to be. Luis is finding himself so far in more diplomatic and social conflicts, rather than being expected, on no uncertain terms, to solve a problem with bullets.

In particular, there's a Club Management "mini-game"/job that you get to do. I'm a sucker for management in games, and this is mostly up my alley. Instead of managing books and balances, you're watching your clientele and responding to random things that happen at a bar: tab skippers, smashed assholes and general disturbances. You have an assistant watching the security cameras, giving you hot tips on possible trouble. Even without the random sexual encounters, the freeform dance system and the great drunk effect (the screen bobs more to the music when you've had a drink), its a blast for me to just keep my property in check, from the floor.

I guess it reminds me of being an RA and working in hospitality. As stressful as it was to have to deal with real people's problems (legitimately serious or otherwise), there was sometimes that rush of "I've done something decent for somebody today.", which was always gratifying. Without the real world stress, I guess I really get to savor it, how ever virtual or fleeting.
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