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PS3 Game Dev... Sllllllllloooooooooooooowwwww DOOOWWWN!!!!

Its too much... I can't keep up! :( This could be just me but its how I am feeling right now...

Im sorry but I am hoping I can ask the industry to FRIGGIN slow down in making games, For my own sake and yours. In the Past the PS3 was known as the system with 0 games. Today, I have no time to play even a simple puzzle game like Critter Crunch.

New games are being released within weeks, not even a month. PS1 classics, PSN originals, AAA titles, coming left and right, jumping into your face! no time to even look back at the games you just bought! NOPE NON ZIP! You must get the new one! Stop what you were playing cuz the new game is out! and you have about a weeks worth to buy it, play it, and stop mid way because the next new game is coming out! Cuz you will be considered a Loser if you don't play it when it does come out! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh....

So this sucks, I know you guys might be making fun of me, but the reality is I like to enjoy the games in a good appropriate play-time to enjoy them... you know, play single player, get the full experience, then go online and play with others who are in the same boat as me, get into a good challenge and work my way up to becoming better at it. But the way games are being released now, its insane, how can I play Uncharted 2, Trine, Critter Crunch, Dragon Age, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed II, God of War Collection, Borderlands, Demon's Souls, KoF, SF4, MvsC2... ect ect ECT! I just can't. Im right now trying to play Demon Soul's but man I keep getting killed and the amount of time and dedication this game requires is the same as a MMO. I love Critter Crunch cuz it keeps things simple with puzzle gaming and I just love too damn much the artwork. I think this is the most brilliant game of the year, like sudoku, simple to play, extremely hard (and luck) to master. I bought Trine because Yojimbo forced me to do it and I haven't even installed it on my system... + Not to mention I don't have the current luxury to be buying every brand new game that is coming out... I think SilverDragon posted a while back that before the years end, he was about to spend almost $900 just on videogames alone... I can now see why, If I bought all the new games when they come out id be without a house or car.

This is why I am coming out and asking developers to PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!! Too many games being thrown at us will make us OD! (at least me) Sorry for my rant, I know many of you will make fun of me but I am just sad that by the time I get to enjoy one game and want to play with my friends, they are already playing different new games and it makes it harder on us on playing on the same game when we are trying to be the best, getting trophies, finishing it 110% complete, play online with friends and actually enjoy it.

Im going to have to start drinking PowerThirst so I can get neverending energy to work eat play and just straight out skip sleeping my 3 hours I can at night...

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