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My Special Find

I had gone out for the weekend looking for some new stuff. As such I decided to explore the most boring looking Mall in the area. Needless to say, that turned out very well. Originally I had only decided to go in because there was a HockShop, where I can usually find some good NES games cheaply priced. And other than the copy of Wind Waker that a friend picked up for $15, the HockShop was a disappointment (Though they had 3 copies of Mario/Duckhunt for 3 different prices wtf).

Then I stumbled across this gem.

And this is a wall of fun.
Left to right: WWF, PGA, D&D, Virtua Fighter 4, MLB, Spider Man, Area 51

All in all I spent $15 on Virtua Fighter, and some on food and such. I'm going back soon. What should I be looking to buy when I go back? They have everything.
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