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Thanks for the Borderlands screw up, Valve.


So here I am. It's 2.52am on the 27th of October; 3 hours after the scheduled release time for Borderlands on Steam. Three of my friends are up with me. We were all waiting to play this glorious new game. I chose to work twice as hard for the past few days to avoid going to school today. One of my friends even took annual leave from work to play the game for a couple of days. All of this, rendered moot.

Apparently there was a fumble over at Valve, and the actual release date is in another 3 and a half days, but for some reason nobody realized that us Australians had the US release date countdown on our pages. And my friends and I didn't know about it because we were purposely avoiding information about the game. Awesome.

This may seem like a small thing to you guys. But like I said, my friend registered time off work, I worked over time to finish my design work so I would have time to play this game, and now I'll have a whole new set of assessments to finish before I can play it, as do my other friends who stayed up with me; it's just really fucking irritating.

It just makes me angry about these differently timed releases on Steam. I don't mean to sound nerd ragey, but what the fuck is the point? Really?

So yeah, I just wanted to vent for a bit. I'm going to go have a massive chop and blaze myself in to oblivion.
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