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dTunes: Well then, allow me to retort!

I'm jealous of all of this musical love. It ain't no fun if the Jugg can't have none, know what I'm sayin'?
Pardon the lack of YouTube action - posting from work sucks. Will update as I get time at home to do so (balancing 40+ hours at work and school three nights a week sucks, especially when I need time to practice up in Tekken 6 and maintain a social life - and I haven't even put my lovely wife into that equation).

For real. I promise.

Anyway, moving on...here's the list, and it's Cliffs Notes as a motherfucker.

Real Life Bands and The Songs That Matter Most:
(an incomplete list, to be sure)

311 - Plain
I've seen them three times in concert. These guys are the fucking jam, and I don't care what some folks say about them and their current turn to a slightly softer edge - they're pushing 40 these days, they can be forgiven for that much, especially when their previous body of work is as strong as it is. This song is the best example of the strength of their first album, and while there are harder tracks on the disc, this is the most cohesive taste of their style that I could ever find. Nod your head to this.

Bomb Factory - Awaited Time
Most folks won't know who the fuck these guys are, or even understand what's being said. Neither of these facts matter - to me, these guys are Japan's answer to Bad Religion, at least in terms of sonic attack. Anybody who played Dead Or Alive 2 knows that they did the title track "Exciter," but that's not even scratching the surface of their catalog, depth-wise. When I zone out at the gym with my headphones blasting, there's a good chance they're blasting tunes from Another Day, Another Life, Fat Boost or Go This Way, all albums worth putting on repeat.

Rush - 2112 Overture/Temples Of Syrinx
Come on, it's fucking RUSH. If you can't dig Geddy Lee, then sure, that's okay. He's an acquired taste, to be certain. But to deny the sheer technical musicianship behind any of their songs is a lesson in lunacy. There's a reason why Neil Peart is revered as a drum god, never mind a hero.

Del The Funky Homosapien - Proto Culture
It's a love letter to retro video games, capping off at the Dreamcast, which was still pretty current at the time that Both Sides Of The Brain was released. Still, as much as I liked tracks like "Press Rewind" on the same album or "Battlesong" on the OMGholyshitWTFisthisandwhydon'tihavethisCDyet magnum opus that was Deltron 3030 (the closest thing I've heard to a "concept" rap album outside of The RZA As Bobby Digital In Stereo), "Proto Culture" remains my fan favorite for obvious reasons. Also, it's a Robotech/Macross reference in itself, which is a full on 2x multiplier of awesome.

Crowded House - Weather With You/Fall At Your Feet
Neil Finn doesn't write songs. He writes dreams, and then sets them to music.
Don't fuck with me on this one.

Yes - Tempus Fugit
Another instance of extreme musical abilities and my love of hearing pseudo-impossible rock instrumentation. It's very possible to play the bassline in this song, it's just really, really fucking hard. I envision a duel when I hear this song, be it samurai vs. ninja vs. pirate vs. predator or an aerial dogfight between two F-22s. Why, I'm not sure, but it probably has to do with the fact that Tempus Fugit translates roughly into time flies.

The Clash - Clampdown
Let me just say that the song I chose is a choice that I had to make in order to choose "one" Clash song that was worth listening to. Effectively speaking, this is a lie in progress - all of The Clash's songs are worth listening to. Some you will like more than others, but they're all worth listening to. I just happen to like "Clampdown" and "The Guns Of Brixton" the best.

Steve Miller - Space Cowboy
No. NO. You've got it all wrong already. You think that I'm talking about that song that acoustic guitar-playing doucheflaps sing in college student unions and drunk idiots sing at karaoke - that song is called "The Joker," about a picker, a grinner, a lover, and a sinner. "Space Cowboy" is a little different, to say the least. It's a short retrospective of his career that melds into a warning to all of those who think that they can get close to him without being genuine. I respect that.

Ben Folds - Bitches 'Aint Shit
Dynamite Hack did "Boyz N Tha Hood," and it was cheesy, and indulgent, and awesome in its own little way. But it can't stand up to the incredibly poignant piano stylings of Mr. Ben Folds. The guy has one of the greatest senses of humor today, and packages it all in a box that seems like it may have been handed down from Joe Jackson, but is entirely unrecognizable today because of all of the molding and changes to the formula that are all Ben's. Great stuff.

Thomas Bangaltier - Club Soda
I'm not putting Daft Punk on this list. Just about everyone here knows who they are, and they really require no introduction unless you have been living under a fucking boulder, at which point your first music purchase should be a copy of Daft Punk's Homework. "Club Soda" is a one-off original work crafted by one half of Daft Punk - and it's the total jam. The opening (which opens with a soda can opening, I know!) gets me amped just listening to it. I can't open up a can of anything and pour it into a glass without the bassline and synth starting to play in my head immediately afterward.

Minibosses - Mega Man 2
Have you seen my header image?

Video Game Music and The Tracks That Matter Most
(yet another incomplete list)

Mega Man 2 - Bubble Man Stage
The theme to my first grade year. Untouchable, in every sense of the term.

Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme
The first game that ever made me feel like I was the lead character in a high-budget action movie had a main theme that drove that feeling directly home with no deviation in course, sweeping me up into the world of espionage like no other theme could. The song could be compared to the James Bond theme, but as Bond is primarily a movie character and the audience can only witness his acts, Metal Gear placed you into the shoes of Snake - and the song pressed those feet onward. The song remains probably one of the most iconic and recognizable pieces of videogame music to this day, exceeded only by classics like the Mario and Zelda main themes.

Marvel Super Heroes - Spider-Man Stage
This is a crazy thing indeed - the classic theme songs from the both the ancient and new-era cartoons can't hold a candle to the feeling of imminent ass-whipping that this song evokes.

Rez - Stage 3: Creation (State Of Art) - Ken Ishii
If you never played Rez, I'm sorry, but you're an idiot. You had your chance.

Garou: Mark Of The Wolves - Rock Howard Stage
The song is rad, probably because it rips off Robert Miles' Children in a very blatant and unapologetic fashion. Plus, it's kind of relevant, as Rock is the son of Geese, and he's fighting against his inner darkness. Not too terribly deep, but engaging nonetheless.

Radirgy - Stage One
Is it just me, or does the entire soundtrack sound like a Fantastic Plastic Machine album?

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Chemical Zone
This song is BEGGING for a quality band to transcribe it faithfully. Everything from the drumbeat to the most driving bassline I've ever heard in a videogame soundtrack.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix - Clamato Fever by AE and Prozax
THIS is how you make a remix of a VG tune. Take good goddamn notes.

Soul Blazer - Dr. Leo's Laboratory
This song is BEGGING to be chopped up, slowed down and rhymed upon.

ActRaiser - Forest Stage
Two Enix Jams in a row? FANBOY![/joke]
Seriously, this game needs a remake more than anything else I can think of, except for...

Chrono Trigger - Everything
Best RPG soundtrack ever. No, really. If you argue, you prove that you don't know shit. Sorry for the brutal honesty, but it's the truth. Especially so if you compare anything from FF7 to the song that plays in the Kingdom of Zeal - you'd be a fool to do that.

Project Justice - The Whole Goddamn Soundtrack
It sits upon the mountaintop, lonely and yet content. Nothing has touched it since. I jam out to this soundtrack on its own, anytime, with no shame at all. Zero. It's that awesome.

...and this is the short version. Pray I never complete this fucking list.

- EL
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