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Hey Tripwire, you're doing DLC wrong!

Whilst the argument rages as to whether we're getting value for money or getting plain screwed when it comes to DLC, it seems Tripwire have a really strange way of releasing DLC. Tripwire are of course the developers of Killing Floor (which I've talked about plenty before), the co-op zombie slaying game that's not Left 4 Dead.

Now a couple of months ago, Tripwire released a new map + weapons pack free of charge for Killing Floor. At the same time they released a DLC pack of four character skins for $2. No is it me or did they get this the wrong way round? I mean, extra levels and weapons are things I'd pay for, but character skins? Nope.....

Now, with a new "Level Up" pack, Tripewire have done it again! The pack contains 3 new levels, 7 new weapons, a new Demolition class, a new level cap (players can play up to 6 levels instead of just 5), plus 20 new achievements and an interface overhaul. All of this is free; what's not free is another 4 character skins. They're $2 again, but now I have this urge to buy both character packs just to give Tripwire some money for giving me free stuff they should have charged me for.

If that makes sense....
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