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Kitchenworks: Uncharted 2 Platinum Trophy.


Here I am, starting to celebrate my success. I called everyone back into the living room and restarted the little party I have ruined. Whole thing ended up around 4 am, with me singing "All Along The Watchtower" from Battlestar Galactica Season 4 on the balcony. I admit, I was a bit drunk, well, 3 big glasses of Johnnie Walker Black Label did it's job and indeed made me feel even better. After this epic event I went to bed where I turned on my netbook just to discover there is new Mega64 Podcast and I have to listen to it. And so I did. This day ended with sending some crappy msgs to my friend, who (fortunatelly) didn't take them too seriously, and so I can still sleep at her house tomorrow, when her parents will go on a trip. I gotta feeling that next night is gonna be a good night :D

Once again, thank you for reading, any comments are appreciated.

Take care, play a lot! :)
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