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RumorBlog: New The Red Star game may be on the way.

Hey all,
I know my C-blogging has been rather quiet lately, all my attention has been focused on podcasting and working and playing ping-pong with small marsupials. Great fun.

But now I return with a tasty treat of rumor-like proportions!

Tasty like vodka, comrade!

I was browsing through the Australian Classification Board's website just now, annoyed that the pricks had refused Valve's appeal on getting L4D2 uncensored, when I found something interesting.

On the OFLC's latest ratings page I found a mention of a new rating listing for the severely underrated beat-em-up/shmup hybrid The Red Star. The game was given a PG rating on the 22nd of October of this year, with the rating listing the game as a multiplatform game.

At first I thought that this could have been a new rating for the Xbox and PS2 versions, so I did some digging and found that those versions had already received their rating in 2006.

So what does this all mean? This could be the OFLC being silly and rating a game that has already been rated, but this could also mean a new The Red Star is on the way.

The Red Star devs XS Games have no mention of a new The Red Star game on their website (yet), so for now anythings up for speculation.

So speculate I will!
Although you gotta admit, The Red Star's gameplay fits perfectly alongside the shmups and beat-em-ups found on DLC platforms such as XBLA and PSN, don't you think? And the rating did mention the game was multiplatform...

Personally I'd just be happy for this game to get more exposure, I've heard from many people that it's a great game and an XBLA/PSN release will do wonders for getting this game noticed.

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