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Animals Cooler Than Their Video Game Counterparts

Animals are awesome, arenít they? Fluffy, scaled, terrifying, gigantic, wonderful creatures of all makes and models are around us every day. So it would only seem natural to imbibe these creatures with features that would make them good video game characters. Sometimes, the characters come out with great personalities and powers. But most of the time you get characters that are just plain terrible; figures who disgrace the animals theyíre modeled after.

Bobcat vs. Bubsy:

Toad traits: brown, leathery skin (good for camo), croaking-like mating call
Slippy Toad traits: cannot hide self well, whiny, annoying voice, constant death

Ok, sure, Iíve talked about some annoying characters in this list. But, letís be honest, theyíre nothing, NOTHING, compared to the biggest slimy green pest to ever pilot an Arwing. This poor excuse for a frog is supposed to be the engineer/inventor of the Star Fox team (even coming up with the designs for the Blue Marine and Landmaster vehicles), and it shows on the battlefield. Slippy is the worst support character in the game (or any game, for that matter), and on top of constantly whining about being attacked, the bastard dies practically every second in the field. Such a shame for a creature who, in real life, is a mighty amphibian. Native to every continent other than the cold, bullshit ones, toads are known for their tenacity in different conditions, toxicity, and sex-changing abilities. And, while they may croak a lot, none of them bitch on and on and on and on about being chased by enemy aircraft.
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