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A. (wait). Down. A. (wait). Down. Down. A. (wait). repeat x240.

So I got my 360 back yesterday. It looks like they're repairing them now instead of just sending out another console.

Because Microsoft completely ignored my first repair service call to them and their website was broken, they actually sent me a coffin via UPS next day air, and all subsequent ships were also next-day air. So while it took a week for me to get MS to actually acknowledge my repair request, it only took a week to send the console out and get it back.

It took me 20 seconds to put some pants on to answer the door, and by that time, the UPS driver had already written out the "We Missed You" infonotice, stuck it to my front door, and was walking down the stoop. I managed to call him back. At least this time I didn't have to chase the dude around the block to his next delivery to get my Xbox back.

First thing I notice: the 360 is so loud compared to the PS3 Slim.

Then began the arduous task of redownloading all my DLC so I can assign the licenses to the new console ID.

I wish Microsoft would fucking own up to the fact that every pre-Jasper 360 is going to fucking fail and streamline this process. There is no god damn reason I should have to sit there for half an hour and INDIVIDUALLY REDOWNLOAD MY 200 OR SO PIECES OF DLC. Those menus are so goddamn slow and I kept accidentally selecting "cancel". Why isn't there a "redownload all of your content in one go because we make shitty hardware" option?

I also came to the realization that I've spent several hundred dollars on DLC alone. Half of that for Rock Band.
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