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What'd You Get? - Working Late Edition

So, sorry this is late tonight, folks, but I was at work late. That's what happens when your co-workers screw up, then you catch their mistakes and you all have to correct it. Except instead of getting a pat on the back tomorrow, I'm going to get yelled at for not getting it right the first time ... even though I had no clue the mistake was made until I saw my co-worker's work because they never bothered to show me it when it was finished. Fun. *sigh*

But yeah, this is why I have games. They help me forget stress about things, like being stuck at work or getting older. And What'd You Get? is where you can tell us about the games you got or are getting this week. It's free to join in. Just post a comment. That's all.

Anyways, nothing new this week. Just waiting for the 27th to get here so I can play Forza 3. So no reason to pick anything up yet that will interfere with that, right, guys? Right?

So I got nothing this week but bitched at by my boss. What'd all of you get?
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