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Search For a Deeper Meaning: The Crestfallen Warrior


Demon's Souls has been out for a good week or so, and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Apart from the challenging game play, memorable boss fights, and essential ( but fun) grinding one things stuck out for me. The Crestfallen Warrior. The following will contain "minor" spoilers regarding said character, so if you care about this character as much as I do stop reading now.

Most of those who have played this game probably remember the Crestfallen Warrior as the first person they meet in the Nexus, and would characterize him as a patronizing, depressed, failure who's only purpose is to discourage you. However, I say that all those that think this should be ashamed. They belittle this poor man's efforts, and everything he represents. To me he is probably the most important influential NPC you'll meet in this game.

As I mentioned before there is a lot more to this man than what his words reveal, He is essentially " What Could Have Been". The Crestfallen Warrior was a man just like any one of us, but suddenly the responsibility of being a hero was thrust upon him. He probably fought, and he probably fought well, but something happened to him that made him just want to give up. Something horrific that completely shattered his will. This could be his "death", and the loss of his body. Whether or not he truly lost his body, or just forgot where it was is irrelevant. Imagine the trauma. Being forced to continue this mission that he probably didn't even want to do even after his body is lost. Being forced to fight for cause, as noble as it may be, even after you die. Bound to this fate like a slave, forever tolling away, hoping someday you can taste freedom, but he knew he would never taste freedom. Such a realization would break most will, and it did just that. He gave up, fell from grace, and became a shell of the man he once was. Then to add insult to injury, he is quickly replaced by the character. Of course this poor character is going to be rude an morose.

He also serves to motivate us. Motivate us to never give up and let doubt or anguish consume us. He shows us how important a little thing like hope can be.

He may be weary, but he won't take getting attacked lightly. He can take quite a few hits.

This downtrodden warrior of light served as a mentor, and an ally. Through out my journey I found comfort in speaking with the man I had replaced. Never did he show jealousy ( perhaps he was too caught up in his own emotional torment), and I always found myself eager to return to the Nexus to hear his next comment. Then it began. First he began to go on and on about his body, and how it was probably long gone. Then he began forget. Everything. I desperately searched for his body, but eventually I returned to find nothing but the soul of a storied soldier. He had killed himself to spare himself, and us, from the demon which would undoubtedly consume him. I grasped his soul and brought into the air, releasing him from his torment. Though I never knew his name, I called him friend.
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