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Modern Warfare 2 "Updates" (No Dedicated Servers or Mods)

Since I haven't seen anyone post a blog about the recent update here are some new things about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as reported by BASHandSlash.

> IW has control of the game
> IWnet servers will host multiplayer
> DLC will be a charged item for PC
> No dedicated servers
> Matchmaking system used to play with similarly ranked players
> VAC instead of PB
> Semi-capable password servers
> Semi-capable ad-hoc servers
> Competitive play is dead
> MW2 mods would not be possible
> Full integration into Steam

Now if you're a PC gamer you know how much of a terrible decision this is. As of Sunday, October 17, 2009 11:46 PM EST there are 1,501 signatures on the petition against these changes. . No doubt we'll see Jim posting about how PC gamers whine too much about our point and click games.

Also you can see there are many upset players on the Infinity Ward forums. I guess for now we can wait for FourTwoZero to post system specs...
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