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GAME NIGHT III Obscurity Mod -If it bleeds, we can kill it'

GAME NIGHT III Obscurity Mod -If it bleeds, we can kill it'

Date: Thursday 29th October 7pm - 9pm

It's dark out there. The evenings are creeping in, which means there's never been a better excuse to play more games. Probably a good thing CoD4's next Game Night is here, then, and since it lands near Halloween I've found a rather spooky mod for us to play...


If you can recall the situation that the marines found themselves facing during the original Predator film - before the franchise degenerated into silly alien deathmatches - and you'll have a good idea what Obscurity Mod is all about. This mod sports a day-night cycle, a dynamic weather system and some pretty unusual weaponry and more (most of it gory).

It also drips with paranoia, as everyone take turns to play as the 'Obscurity'. A creature with predator-like cloaking, a sharp knife and few other tricks. The game play is elimination, based on a 3 to 1 ratio of marines vs the Obscurity. The Obscurity's objective is to kill everyone, the marines, well, they just need to focus on surviving the round either by killing the Obscurity or time running out. Sounds easy?

But will you be the one to survive?

Best screenies win a prize
Grab a copy of FRAPs or just be prepared to press 'print screen' at the right time, as we'll be giving away a prize from the PCFormat box of booty for the best screen grabs of the night (The prize will probably be some headphones).

Get practising!
The server is up now and the mod will automatically download when you join, as will any custom maps. Fast connection ( I get 2.3MB/s!)

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