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Pictures of My Psychotic Gaming Setup

I finally got a digital camera. Well, I kind of did. I just got a new cell phone with a camera phone in it. I never have had a real digital camera, just a few cheapo keychain digital cameras.

But yea, anyways I tooks some pictures of my gaming setup. Right now I currently have my NES,SNES,N64,GC,PS2, and PS3 all connected to my tv (PC moniter for the PS3) and all the consoles are plugged into an outlet and are ready to be played at a moment's notice. This results in the huge mess of wires you see below. There was lots of meticulous planning involved in the setup of my consoles, despite the tangle of wires left as as side-effect.

This monster of wires and electronics is concentrated in one corner of my room and along basically this entire wall. To the right of this photo you can see 2 surge protectors (just about every outlet is full on them). Not shown in the picture, but located to the right of these wires is my computer desk. I decided to be a maverick and store my computer on it lol. I connect my PS3 to use my PC moniter and PC speakers. My PC moniters is a 19 inch widescreen moniter. It gets hd quality about at 1080i, but since lcd moniters and hdtvs have different resolutions the image is stretched by about 11 percent vertically. I don't really notice this much. It still beats out sdtv by miles.

Moving to the left from the last photo slightly, you can see my 20 inch sdtv. It is nothing special, but is good enough for me right now. It was a budget model (did I really have to tell you?) from bestbuy that I bought 2 years ago. Weirdly enough, it has no headphone jack, yet has 1 set of component inputs. I use that to make my PS2 games look awesome on it. Although, I do wish my tv also had svideo inputs, since svideo cables are usually way cheaper for consoles than component are.

Also in this photo you can see my composite/svideo switch box. This awesome thing lets you plug in 4 composite inputs or svideo inputs and connect it to one composite or svideo jack on your tv. Even better, this model automatically switches to whatever device is turned on and makes it show up on your tv. So, I do not have to get up and manually slide a switch to play different consoles. I just turn on my console and tv and this sexy little box does the rest. O yea, I bought a second and it is on the other side of my tv lol. My tv has 2 sets of composite ins so one switchbox is plugged into each one.

Those blue and yellow chords you see all over the place are all my internet chords. My PS3, PS2, and GC are all hooked up for online play. They connect to a switch located right behind that composite/svideo switch box.

O yea and that table that my tv is sitting on... 10 bucks from a thrift store. It is not particle board either. It is made from real wood and had a nice glass top. Hells yes for thrift stores

AAAAAAAH!!! A SNES NINJA! Where did he come from? How does he maintain his balance on top of that precarious top-of-tv ledge????

I shall tell you the secret ways of the SNES ninja. My SNES has figured out how to defy the laws of gravity! Well, not really. You see, on the bottom of the SNES there are a bunch of circular indendations where the screws are located. What I did was take a cheap black papermate pen cap and wrap it in scotch tape. Then I just crammed it up in one of the holes where the screw sticks in. This way the pen cap is attached to the SNES and hangs over the front of the tv, so the SNES cannot slide back. It allows us to enjoy many chuckleable laughs at the puny force of gravity which we have totally owned. I also stuck a little tape on the bottom of the SNES near the back for some added humiliation of gravity.

Moving further left and past the tv you will find my N64 and NES stacked on top of my plastic dresser drawers. The top of the dresser drawer has a raised edge so the systems are not in any danger of tumbling to their doom. It looks like I have Conker's Bad Fur Day (Contains the most evil teddy bears ever) stuck in my N64 and a bunch of random crap stacked on top of and around my NES lol.

Getting tired from this grueling 12 foot journey from the one corner of my room to the next ? Well too bad.

At the far left of the tv is my closet. Why I am I showing you my closet? Notice anything unsual or video game related about my closet? You don't? Well, that is ok buddy. It is very well hidden. Discretely covering the front of my closet door is a shoe holder. It works great for keeping my gaming stuff in an accessable location since I am really short on space in this tiny room. At the top, you can see I keep my PS2 controllers, NESc controllers, and SNES controllers. At the bottom all those squares are my entire NES collection which fit nicely in these pockets. You only see about half of the door and shoe organizer in this picture. Lower down I have more NES games, a bunch of N64 games, some SNES games, and a N64 controller stuck in this thing. The only downside to using this is that my closet door cannot close all the way because the hooks are too big at the top of the door. O well.

Well that is it. That is everythi...

Hey! What about your PS2, and GC you sneaky jerkbooger!

Fine, I will show you my genius setup for them. Just keep your pants on lunatic.

WELCOME MORTALS to my electronic batcave located under my tv.

This setup took a lot of planning out. In the back there is my printer and my vcr stacked on top of it. This is so low and far back underneath the tv that it is completely hidding when you are standing in the room. However, when laying on my bed the remote reaches my secluded vcr very well. My printer opens up on the front and that grey flap extends and lays flat in front of it for about a foot. I have to lift it over the GC, and it has about an inch clearance over the top of the PS2 and its wires. If I move either my PS2 or GC backwards or sideways at all it will block my printers, so I layed down tape on the floor to mark where the corner of each console should be located.

The 2 cylinder things at the front are just containers of blank cds and dvds. They are just serving as weights to hold that rolled up black tshirt in place. No, I am not punishing the t-shirt. I layed it there on the floor to act as a bumper to lint and other crap that likes to creep across the floor and terroize my consoles.

I know some of you may be on the verge of insanity from peering into the madness that is my console setup, but fear not I have provided some relief.


Watch some cars get totalled in my Burnout 3 video for PS2. There is also a short (made in microsoft paint ) extremely crudely animated intro at the start of this video.
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