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Uncharted 2 un-purchased, Ju-On: The Grudge, and A Boy and his Blob GET


I also bought A Boy and his Blob today for $40. Great game so far, much harder than I thought it would be. I've only beaten the first two levels and two unlockable bonus levels, so I don't have much to go on yet.

Here are my thoughts (beware of first half-hour spoilers)-

* The premise is way stranger than I thought it would be. The boy in the game has no identifiable family. He lives alone in a giant, kick-ass tree fort. After the multiple blobs (many black and evil, one nice and white) crash land nearby, the boy goes out to investigate. He seems to instinctively know that the white blob is awesome, and trusts him %100, even after the black blobs tried to kill him on the way to the crash site. On the other had, the white blob isn't so sure about the boy . After some coaxing (meaning, after the boy says "C'MERE" a few times), they become friends, and the game begins in earnest. All this transpires in playable segments; no cut-scenes to speak of.

* The controls take a little getting used to, and its weird that you can't aim with the IR pointer where you want the boy to throw jellybeans, but otherwise, everything is smooth playing.

* I died quite a few times on bonus level 2. You have to think quick, pre-plan, and have good reflexes to survive.

* Beating bonus levels unlocks behind the scenes production art, which you view directly while playing the game. This goes a long with the seamless, menu-free, cut scene-free nature of the game. It's very effortless and classy.

* The game looks beautiful, and definitely feels retail quality. In some respects, it looks even better than Muramasa.

* The new voice for the boy is well done, with a lot of variety. It's rare to hear him say "BLOB!" or "C'MERE!" in the exact same way twice.

So yeah, loving both games thus far. Maybe when I'm done with them, I'll borrow Uncharted 2 from somebody and see if my opinion and Nick's are at all similar in this case. I hope they are, because he clearly had a great time with the game.

I should be so lucky.
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