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The Fall Videogame OVERLOAD


Left 4 Dead 2

Oh boo hoo, Valve hates the fans and loves money. Its just a reskin! Just... fuck off

And that�s it. I got a lot on my plate that is for sure. Now for the games that I worry about loosing track of.

First, Demon�s Souls. I know I said I enjoy the sadistic nature of the game, but that�s honestly because I have nothing else better to play at the moment. I know that after tomorrow if I suffer a frustrating death, I would rather pop in Uncharted to my PS3 then try and figure out how not to die.

Way of the Samurai 3. It seems like a cool game, I just don�t know too much about it. I�m really hoping what I�ve heard about this game is true, and that I can stick with it, because it does sound pretty fucking awesome.

Borderlands. Just because like I said, I�m not sure how me playing the game mostly single player will work out. That and this little game called Modern Warfare 2.

Dragon Age Origins. While I might skimp on the time I give this game, I know that I�ll keep in my library and come back to it ever so often to go deeper into a DnD nerd�s wet dream.

Regardless of anything, I need to play this games! Especially with all the games that were delayed from this season to next year not too far behind.
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