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The Fall Videogame OVERLOAD


Oh the fall season, I love and hate it. I love it because there are so many goddamn games coming out, and thatís pretty awesome. I hate it because thereís always that game that gets left behind and I never get around to completing it or even getting that far into it. Iím going to take a look at the games I plan on playing this season and try and determine which might be left behind, just so I can be conscious of the fact and try not to forget about them.

Demon's Souls
Out Now

Demonís Souls is an interesting game, I bought it on a complete whim. I really wasnít looking forward to being beaten mercilessly by a game. What I didnít expect was liking being dominated by the game. Sure I fucking die a lot, but I keep playing, and I have no fucking clue why. Literally 20 minutes ago I looked at a bloodstain, saw the guy just die in the middle of a bridge, heard a dragon and then deduced a plan. I would run out, draw out the dragon, run to cover and as soon as the dragon left I would hoof it to the next safe point. Yeah wellÖ that worked until the fucking dragon came back to waste my ass in fire half way across the bridge mid sprint.

Brutal Legend

Iím a fan of heavy music, Iím a fan of Tim Schafer, and Iím also a fan of the lolz. This game is a fucking no brainer for me. This possibly could be my GOTY just based on concept and writing alone. Iím excited to see the RTS elements of the game but still sort of hazy on the multiplayer aspect. Seems like it was one of those ďOkay, give us some replay valuez!!!Ē on EAís part. Regardless, Iím excited for tomorrow.

Uncharted 2

I was originally going to rent this game, but then I remembered just how much fun I had with the original, and also realized that I have a 37Ē 1080p TV that I didnít have when I played the original Uncharted. Nothing is new about the game, but what it does, it does well and on top of that it has top-notch production values. Nathan Drake is a fantastic character, and I would rather see an Uncharted movie rather than Indy 5.

Way of the Samurai 3

Another game Iím buying a complete whim. I have barely any knowledge of this game. I just read some cblogs here and the game sounded cool. I even just decided to get it for the PS3 due to my 360 collection heavily outweighing my PS3 collection. In the absence of Yakuza: Kenzan, this game seems like it will fill the void.


I like RPGs, I like FPS, I will probably like Borderlands. I have to say I like the Crackdown like visuals, and I like the fact thereís about a billion different weapon combinations within the game. The only thing that worries me about Borderlands is the fact that not a whole bunch of my friends are getting the game. And Iíve been sort of burned at times trying to get as much as I can out of a game based on co-op but solely playing single player.

Tekken 6

This is another no brainer. I like fighting games, I like Tekken, my roommates like Tekken, I like alcohol too, those nights with nothing else to do but drink and play Tekken are going to be AWESOME.

Dragon Age: Origins

Iím a sucker for BioWare. I love them. Theyíre RPGs are just so fucking good. The story telling is top notch and the worlds they create are just fantastic. I still donít know that much about how its going to play on the console side of things, but Iím excited none the less for a BioWare fix before Mass Effect 2 next year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This game needs no justification

Left 4 Dead 2

Oh boo hoo, Valve hates the fans and loves money. Its just a reskin! Just... fuck off

And thatís it. I got a lot on my plate that is for sure. Now for the games that I worry about loosing track of.

First, Demonís Souls. I know I said I enjoy the sadistic nature of the game, but thatís honestly because I have nothing else better to play at the moment. I know that after tomorrow if I suffer a frustrating death, I would rather pop in Uncharted to my PS3 then try and figure out how not to die.

Way of the Samurai 3. It seems like a cool game, I just donít know too much about it. Iím really hoping what Iíve heard about this game is true, and that I can stick with it, because it does sound pretty fucking awesome.

Borderlands. Just because like I said, Iím not sure how me playing the game mostly single player will work out. That and this little game called Modern Warfare 2.

Dragon Age Origins. While I might skimp on the time I give this game, I know that Iíll keep in my library and come back to it ever so often to go deeper into a DnD nerdís wet dream.

Regardless of anything, I need to play this games! Especially with all the games that were delayed from this season to next year not too far behind.
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