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Top 10 PC exclusive games OF ALL TIME!!

Here it is, my list of the greatest PC exclusive games of all time. Exclusive, as in, you can only play it on a computer. You won't agree with everything, but you can agree with the fact that, as long as computers have these games, PC gaming will live on.

10. American Mcgee's Alice
Third Person Action-Adventure Platforming Horror Game
Released on October 6, 2000.
Developed by Rogue Entertainment
Published by Electronic Arts

Based in the Alice in Wonderland universe, Alice is the only survivor after her house burns down. Admitted to a Metal Asylum for 10 years, The White Rabbit calls for Alice to help restore wonderland, but Alice has grown up and so has Wonderland.I'll be honest here, the gameplay isn't the best, but the real gem here is the atmosphere, it really feels like you're in a twisted version of wonderland, every classic character has changed into twisted versions of themselves. It really feels like Alice is fighting for her sanity back. This is how you do a mature game with gore (Slicing the Royal Card Guards in half never gets old). Friends become enemies, toys become weapons and the Queen of Hearts wants you dead; not a pretty scenario, but a damn good one. This is a must-have PC experience, there really is nothing quite like it.

"But I don't want to be among mad people!"
"You can't help that... we're all mad here..."

9. Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines
First Person/ Third Person Horror Action Role-Playing Game
Released November 19, 2004.
Developed by Troika Games
Published by Activision

Based on the Vampire Masquerade/ World of Darkness universe, you go deep into the world of Vampire Clans and Supernaturals foes. Released as a buggy mess, but fan restoration patches have fixed everything and more, it really shines as a fantastic game now. Gameplay can be what you want, you can choose to be stealthy, use a variety of melee weapons, go in guns blazing or just suck the blood out of every living thing. Atmosphere is also a huge factor here, visiting such places as Santa Monica, Hollywood and Chinatown, each place is distinctive and has its own nightlife, the quests are plentiful and the cast of characters are always interesting (Including a certain Schizophrenic vampire known as Jeanette). Sometimes put next to the Deus Ex for a great First person Role-playing world, this is truly a must play.

8. No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M's Way
First Person Shooter (With Light RPG elements)
Released September 30, 2002.
Developed by Monolith Productions
Published by Sierra Entertainment

A sequel to No One Lives Forever, A Spy in H.A.R.M's Way goes even deeper into the world of spy warfare and the fight against the criminal organization H.A.R.M.How perfect can FPS controls be? Well NOLF 2 does pretty well. A variety of weapons and even greater variety of gadgets are used to fight all sorts of guards, soldiers and Ninjas. You can play how you want, whether stealth is your thing or run and gunning, but the best is a mix of the two. The locations are really fantastic and the missions are just as fun. Intel documents and completing objectives give you experience which can be sued to upgrade you accuracy, speed, ammo capacity, armor and so on. A really fun and well thought out game, NOLF and it's sequel deserve to be played by every self-respecting PC gamer.

7. PlaneScape: Torment
Role-Playing Game
Released December 12, 1999 (**10 YEARS OF GREATNESS**)
Developed by Black Isle Studios.
Published by Interplay

Based in an variation of the Dungeons & Dragons Universe, this game takes storytelling to a whole new level.It's difficult to keep this description short and sweet, but here goes: Torment is a fantastic story of a man who is immortal, with the classic D&D gameplay and a fantastic set of companions to choose from, this is one immersive game. This game puts up one hell of a fight in the Gameplay Vs Story debate. No matter how into RPG's you are, you owe it to yourself to give this a shot.

6. Freespace 2
First Person Space Combat Simulator
Released September 30, 1999 (**10 YEARS OF GREATNESS**)
Developed by Voltition, Inc.
Published by Interplay Entertainment

A sequel to Descent: Freespace, this is the greatest Space Sim of all time.The scale of this game is huge, you giant warships hundreds of kilometers long. Even 10 years after the game's release, nothing has matched the scale and intensity here, and with the way gaming is going, I'm pretty sure nothing ever will. If you have never played this, you must, dust off that Joystick and take to the skies pilot! Whoever is sitting on the rights the the Freespace franchise is sitting on a fortune.

5. Homeworld
Real-time Strategy/ Tactics Space Simulation
Released September 28, 1999 (**10 YEARS OF GREATNESS**)
Developed by Relic Entertainment
Published by Seirra Entertainment

An original universe, and the tale of a journey home, this is the best singleplayer RTS of all time. Best known for it engrossing story which could match RPG's and incredible soundtrack, Homeworld is Space Strategy done right. If you've ever played this, you'll agree when I say that this game has some incredible moments, if you havn't played this, then acquire a copy and play it, then come back, it really is worth it. One of the best concepts here is the 'Persistant Fleet', any ships that survive a mission, are carried into the next one and so forth, none of this "Build my base and research tech which I've done before in every single mission" nonsense. One of my favorite stories ever told, just some people trying to get home (With a load of twists and turns on the way).

"Kharack...is burning"

4. Deus Ex
First Person Action Role-Playing Game
Released September 27, 2000
Developed by Ion Storm Inc.
Published by Eidos Interactive

Deus Ex... Yeah.

3. Grim Fandango
Graphic Adventure Game
Released October 20, 1998 (**11 YEARS OF GREATNESS**)
Developed by by LucasArts
Published by LucasArts

The most unique setting I have ever come across, a mix of Aztec architecture and Film Noir in the land of the dead, this is truly incredible. Okay, so you play as Manny, a travel agent who guides souls to eternal rest, but only the rich can get a fast ticket to heaven, everyone else has to take a four year journey of the soul to get there. This game is often mistaken for a point n' click, but you control Manny with the keyboard, this makes it a unique adventure game as you literally do need to manually walk around, but no complaints there! I'm so in love with this world, especially Rubacava. If you want a fast insight into Tim Shafers genius writing, then look no further, this is one of the best stories ever told, in one of the best worlds ever created. Amazing. That's all I can say.

"As a rule, I never touch anything more sophisticated and delicate than myself."

2. System Shock 2
First Person Survival Horror Role-Playing Game
Released August 11, 1999 (**10 YEARS OF GREATNESS**)
Developed by Irrational Games/ Looking Glass Studios
Published by Electronic Arts

Have you played Dead Space? if so, then do what I did and have a look at this baby, it blows every other Survival Horror I've played out of the water, that's not nostalgia speaking, I only completed this a month ago and I'm still thinking about it. A tense atmosphere of being stuck on a Spaceship alone with only one friend (Well... I'll get to that). To quote The Many (The bad guy/thing(s)) "Your weapons fail, your ammo runs low, all you have is your hatred and your... Individuality". The weapons you find need constant maintenance or they Jam, ammo is used up all too quickly, every crew-member you come across has been killed or has committed suicide and your only friend against The Many is SHODAN... their creator. I'm going to say that SHODAN is the greater evil, and you have to help her, so she can help you, it's the buddy-movie from hell: He’s an amnesiac cybernetic soldier who doesn’t know what to do! She’s a megalomaniacal artificial intelligence dominatrix who’s lost all her power! They Fight The Many!. But having a villain as a friend who is constantly calling you an insect, makes you feel small, small aboard a huge ship, with all kind of nasties right around every corner wanting you dead., this creates one hell of an experience. This game is truly amazing. (I went from BioShock to this... and this blows BioShock out of the water, no pun intended). A Must play, This is probably the best experience I have ever had in First Person.

"With only a few short years of evolution, they've (The Many) been able to conquer this starship, mankind's mightiest creation. Where were we after forty years of evolution? What swamp were we swimming around in, single-celled and mindless? What if SHODAN's creations are superior to us? What will they become in a million years, in ten million years? What's clear is that SHODAN shouldn't be allowed to play God. She's far too good at it."

1. The Longest Journey
Adventure Game
Released November 19, 1999 (**10 YEARS OF GREATNESS**)
Developed byy Funcom
Published by Funcom

Okay, I'm most likely bias about number one, it will always hold a special place in my heart as the first adventure game I completed, I replay it every year. This is the best adventure I have ever been on, an epic adventure between two worlds, a story to save the 'Balance' between magic and science. While it seems like your standard Point n' Click affair, the story is just beyond words, the main character, April, is just so complete. This game made me get up an hour earlier than my alarm, just so I could get some play time before college. No other game has managed that. The story, the characters, the art, the dialogue, the puzzles (sans one) the worlds; everything about it just blends together to create the best experience I have ever had the pleasure of... experiencing. You owe it to yourself to give it a shot. The Longest Journey.

“Mystery is important. To know everything, to know the whole truth, is dull. There is no magic in that. Magic is not knowing, magic is wondering about what and how and where.”

And that, my friends, is the top 10 most amazing games the PC has to offer. I could have extended the list to 20, but I painfully narrowed it down to 10. All these games get a 9-10/10 score in my books.

Other Trivia:
*Crysis was No.14 on my list.
*Half-Life was not exclusive to PC.
*1999 was a Year of PC games Made of Win.
*All these games can be played on low end machines and Laptops.
*SHODAN is the best villain ever conceived.
*Minesweeper is no longer exclusive.
*I jizzed in my pants after making this list.
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