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EUFNF 9/10/09: Teletubbies Edition


I never trusted those damn Teletubbies.Sure, they look innocent enough but you just know that there is some kind of unholy evil lurking inside.I mean, what kind of sadistic bastard puts a baby in the sun? Anyway, now that I've given you a sleepless night with the Teletubbies intro, here's what's going on tonight.

Game: GTA IV (Xbox 360)
Time: 10PM GMT

You should know the drill by now. Message GT JGibbo08 at around 10PM GMT and I'll invite you to the party. If XBL parties decide to be a failure tonight then we'll use good old in-game chat, since with GTAIV free mode, everyone can still hear each other.

Finally, if you want to host something then post it in the comments here. See you later!

PS: I didn't have a chance to make an EUFNF forum post this week as my laptop messed up and I had to start over again. Sorry!
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