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Hit the deck! Setup and collection blog incoming!

Welcome, friends, welcome. Step into my world.

As some of you swell forum-dwellers might already know, I recently moved into a new apartment, where I make my bed below what can only be described as either an elephant or a human who someone mutated and developed elephant legs. Blehman and I suggested that perhaps someone was constantly hopping in some perpetual twisted sack race. But the jackasses above me are not the topic of this, the topic is my new apartment and the setup therein. Iíve wanted to do a setup post for a while, and now is the time. So, here it is. Come see how I play. Come see how I live. Come marvel at my inability to take a straight photograph. One leg must be longer than the other.

Part 1: The Living Room

Itís what you all came to see, right? This is where the gaming magic happens. So letís jump right into it, yes? Letís start off with the TV area.

BRIGHT FLASH. Yeah, thereís that. But otherwise, you can check out the 42íí Vizio and the happy speaker mounting fun. I actually managed to hang that center channel fairly straight and sort of centered. Kind of proud of that. Also, Police Constable Nicolas Angel makes another appearanceóyou may remember him from one of the other blogs Iíve done. And then there are, of course, the consoles, but Iím getting to that.

Holy consoles. Poor Wii and PS3 got cut off a little bit there, but you get the idea. Also, good god, look at that wire mess. Thatís terrible.

Anyway, what weíve got here is the Xbox 360, the Dreamcast, the PS2 (which isnít even hooked up, actually), the Genesis, the SNES, and the Wii on the bottom, then my Onkyo receiver and the PS3 up top. Yep, thatís a lot of consoles in one place, and I managed to situate everything to where Iím not covering any vents. Hooray for airflow. I also have a PSP floating around somewhere, but I didnít take a picture of it. You can imagine it in your mind. Floating. Around.

Oh, yeah, I has games too!

Yeah, not sure how well you can see everything here, but, basically, I have a lot of shit that I never really watch or listen to. Most of it is pretty boring. I donít really buy movies anymore, and I only occasionally pick up a physical CD, which is good, because this thing is totally full. And if you can spot a DVD that you want, let me know. Maybe we can trade something in the TRADING FORUM.

Anyway, letís take a closer look at the games.

So, yeah, there are the 360 games and some random PC games that I found while I was packing up the old apartment. Hooray for having some crappy games! At least I have plenty of good ones as well.

I swear that thereís some sort of organization going on here, but itís just too brilliant for you to comprehend. That bottom shelf makes sense, at least. Got my pathetic PS3 collection paired up with my less-pathetic PSP collection. Top shelf is where I keep the overflow of PC jewel cases and my Gamecube/Wii collection, which is also pretty pathetic. It actually got a lot more pathetic now that I traded Twilight Princess away. Yikes. I play videogames, I swear.

Look, old stuff! Man, my PS2 collection was so much more badass back in the day before my brother started stealing and selling a bunch of my games. But, anyway, there it is. I also keep retro games in there, but you canít actually see any of them because Iím a terrible photographer, but theyíre not particularly exciting, to be honest. And, yeah, I have music too.

Oh look, I have a bunch of books too! A lot of them are rubbish!

I donít really know why I thought youíd want to see my Rock Band instruments, but I took the picture, so Iím going to use it, dammit.

Ahh, the real star of the show. If you follow me on Twitter, which you should be doing, then you may have already been introduced to Rowdy, also known as Sparky. Heís an obvious Scrubs reference. Heís also way more awesome than the Scrubs version of Rowdy. Come on, dude is wearing a crazy face mask with 3D goggles. How hardcore is that?

Yes, Rowdy likes to party, and he also likes gaming swag quite a bit. Heís got a nice Fatal Fury hat going on, a KOF sticker, and, of course, a pirate flag. Because heís hardcore.

The hardcoreness continues! Yeah, dude is smoking a pipe under his mask. Thatís healthy. But thatís just how he parties. Heís got a fantastic Cursed Mountain lanyard going on there too. And the coolest part might be that T necklace. Anyone remember the band Tantric? A buddy of mine did their merch, and he sent me that prototype necklace. There are only like 3 of them in the world. Anyway, heís also wearing a bowtie, but you sadly canít see it in the photo.

Raiho keeps watch over my kitchen.

So, this is a little shelving thing off of my living room where I keep random crap. On the left, youíll see Sir Marks-A-Lot, who is the craziest highlighter the world has ever known. Though his highlighting power may have died, his body lives on. I also have two empty halves of coconut. Iíll give you one guess as to what I do with those. Then thereís the Chinese beckoning cat and the swagbasket. Oh, and the empty Devil Summoner 2 box.

So, enough with the living room. Letís move into my room.

Part 2: The Bedroom

This is my desk area, computer, and whatnot. Incredibly exciting. I think Krow is trying to talk to me down there in the right hand corner. Sorry buddy! Anyway, another room, another crazy wire mess. My chair is crazy comfortable, though.

Thus begins the onslaught of instruments. This here is my electronic drum kit, which is about all I can manage in an apartment, but based on the jackass above me, Iím starting to think that an acoustic drum kit wouldnít be such a bad idea. Alas.

Real instruments! Weíll see more of the guitars in a second, but you can check out that piano that I suck at playing. Itís really quite a nice 88-key electronic piano, weighted keys and all. I really need to learn how to play it. Now that I actually have room to set it up, perhaps I will! Also, wastebasket.

Ahh, instruments that I actually do know how to play. Left is a Martin electric/acoustic, middle is some shitty bass by, like, Rogue or something. Whatever, itís a bass. Next is a PRS Custom 24 in whale blue. Ooh baby.

And thatís it! You donít really need to see my kitchen, do you? It has a sink in it, Iíll tell you that much. Also, my bathroom has a toilet. The toilet is made of porcelain. If any of this sounds totally novel to you, maybe Iíll do a setup post: places where I eat and poop edition.

Otherwise, thanks for taking this journey with me. Please donít rob me. Instead, hit up the trading forums so I can continue to make my collection as awesome as I want it to be. Itís kind of lacking right now, isnít it?
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