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Ice-Firing Lazerpistol? Sweet ^^

So I pre-ordered my copy of Borderlands earlier.

Largely due to Mad Max films and the original Fallout, I've always found post-apocalyptic dystopias really interesting environments. That interest had led me to read, watch and play some varied things in my pursuit of awesome (ness...).

It led me to watch that Doomsday film. That was HORRIBLE and made me weep for British cinema.

But Borderlands looks really cool. The 'ever-so' cell shading gives it a visual style akin to XIII and pulls at the strings of nostalgia in a pretty good way. It doesn't have a comic style close up every time you pop a dart through someones eye, but it shouldn't as that will forever be the XIII gimmick.

What it does have is around 17 million different combination's of weapons. Though it's likely most of these will be useless spud-guns that you'll vendor at the first opportunity, it does suggest that eventually you will get THAT GUN. The revolver that shoots grenades or the rifle that fires shards of ice, seems to be the general theme.

Cool, huh?

I'm interested to see how the RPG elements come into play too. I know that you select one of four pre-made characters, Diablo style, and they level up, er... Diablo style. As its would appear that you don't get any customization with the form or features of your chosen 'toon', I'm hoping that you can at least change your appearance with the usual swapping of clothes, hopefully with some decent variation.

Unless I suddenly spy something else, Borderlands is the game that has my attention for the time being. My one real reservation is that these millions upon millions of weapons have caused the rest of what appears an awesome-looking game to be neglected.
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