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RunMan: Race Around The World


Matt Thorson and Tom Sennett released their collaborative game, RunMan: Race Around The World, today. Simply put, it's fantastic, and it's one of those indie titles you really should not pass up.

You play RunMan, and as the name simply implies, you run. You run pretty damn fast actually. The faster you maneuver through the stage, the more points you get. I've found it a bit difficult to get used to holding in the rush button and jumping, as I keep alternating between holding one and pushing the other, but I'm sure I'll get it down. One of the best parts about RunMan is that it has MS paint graphics. That might sound horrible to most people, but it actually works pretty damn well for a game like this. The music also fits perfectly. It has that pretentiousy folk vibe to it, but just like the graphics, it works damn well for the game.

It's a free 22mb download, naturally, but if there was any indie game I felt that the developers deserved to be paid for, this is it. If you enjoy this game, I strongly encourage you to donate to them. I share Tim's feelings that this might possibly be the indie game of the year. Yes, it's that good.

Download RunMan: Race Around The World
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