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God damn it. Not again.


My Xbox 360 Elite died again. I got a launch model in August of 2007 and it died with a single red light, no error code. They sent me back a Falcon, which ran fine until this morning, when I got an E74.

Of course, Microsoft's Xbox support site is broken. They don't remember that I sent it in once already, and I can't register a new console because the form leads to a blank page. I can't check my info because the link goes to a blank page. I can't call support because they're not open yet. Fun times.

At least this is only the second failure I've had. My friend has had 5.

Hahahahahaha. That just sounds absurd. "At least it's only the second failure of a $500 console!"

Jesus Christ.

It's not really even a consolation (heh) that I have a PS3 now since there are no fun games on it that I didn't already get for the Xbox.

Fuck Microsoft. Fuck Sony. Fuck UPS.
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