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Dissertation? I'd rather be ODST'n.

Rather than spend my evening being judged by my history dissertation, I figured now would be as good a time as any to make my first blog post.

So student loan finally arrived and I scampered to my local GAME store to pick up a copy of Halo ODST. I've heard the game is quite short, and from the outset the pace does seem to suggest that it won't last more that 8-10 hours. Though no doubt this will annoy the panties off some people, I find myself oddly unfazed, likely due to my childlike glee at having three of the guys from Firefly voicing the main characters.

The first thing that stood out for me, was the fact that Bungie was making it very clear that you're not the Chief anymore. After taking a few hits, your respective ODST's breathing becomes hoarse and their vision blurry. I really like this touch, largely due to my aforementioned childlike glee. Though why I enjoy Adam Baldwin's manly panting is a topic for another time...

I'm also really enjoying the night time sections as the Rookie. I'm not sure about other people, but I always find myself roleplaying moments like that. Stealthing when likely I could just pew pew my way through enemies, and being overly strategic in my take downs of groups.

Halo ODST seems very much a Halo game, with a few quirky bits added to make the whole experience fresher. I do get the impression that this game is more of a 'filler' product until Bungie grace us with Reach.
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