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Maybe asking too much

Hey so this is the first time I have wrote anything in a while because of two reasons, first is that I have been kind of busy at university and second is because instead of writing I have been reading. A major trend that I have seen is people asking for games to grow and achieve some higher level that would seriously consider them as art, I guess this whole question of are games art is like the hot topic right now because everybody is talking about it. Some say yes some say no but I say it can be but its not there yet.

The reason we all play games is that we want some kind of entertainment or relief, some even play just for competition alone. Now the reason people watch films, listen to music or go to art galleries is partly for entertainment but also alot of people do these things because they feel that the movie, song or painting speaks to them in some way and so they can uncover hidden messages of some sort. To me art is the lyrics in a song, the brush strokes on a painting and the cinematography in a movie, but I fail to see the art behind slash of a sword or the explosion of a grenade. Don�t get me wrong there are some games out there that have very artistic cinematic cut scenes but that�s not the game play at the end of the day that�s not the game that�s just a short movie inside the game. Nobody plays Call of duty because it speaks to their emotions; they play it for its fun game play and the thrill they get from a headshot.

I have heard alot of people talk about why they think games need to changed and be less shoot this or stab that, and to be honest I agree. I don�t think that every game should be violent and I don�t see why some form of combat is the main game play feature in about 99% of games out there. It�s not the same for music or film and we gamers want to be considered and be taken just as seriously as music and film lovers. I mean the different genres in music and film are things like horror, romance comedy and rap, rock and pop, but the genres for gaming are first person shooter, third person shooter and beat em up. So I understand everyone�s point about how we need more games like flower or braid, but this is not going to happen overnight just because everyone is blogging about it. The best way to speak is with your money so I don�t understand of all these people who ask so much of the game developers and they are the same people queuing for hours to buy Gears of war.

So final point to make I guess and that is, games are influenced by all types of art but in all honesty I don�t know of any games that speak to gamer�s souls. I think we maybe ask a little too much of these developers to complain that the game sucks because they cant make you cry or send you through every other emotion in your brain just by you pushing buttons, im not a developer but I think its pretty hard to do. So just enjoy games for what they are because I think we are pretty lucky to have a hobby that provides us with so much and has about 15-20 great games a year, because I wish I could say the same thing for the film or the music industry. [b]
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