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PCF Gamenight II - UPDATE


After the first PCF Game Night success (details here) you asked for a tougher and better test to show off your skills, which is why we're giving GunGame on CoD4 a PCFormat Plug this month!

How GunGame works...

Starting with the Beretta pistol, level your way up through all the weapons in sequence to the penultimate weapon, the Barrett M82. For your final, round-winning kill you'll need to get in a sly jab and clinch victory with your trusty knife. But get knife-killed at any point and you're lose a level!

Date: 1st October @ 7pm

How we're running the night...

We want PCF nights to be enjoyable and for players to see the prizes as a sweetener to what should be a good time had by all. We will still have prizes, but we're aiming for it to be a little more chilled out than our first event and to encourage as many folk to join in as possible.

During the evening we'll run special rounds of GunGame, where the winner of each round will go into a playoff with other winners in an all-against-all deathmatch of 20 mins on Shipment (or another custom map that's suitably claustrophobic, chosen by Boomsling, the PCFormat CoD4 admin).

The winner will get his mitts on a nice pair of Steel Series 3H headphones.

And the runner up will get the impressive QcK heavy pro gaming mouse mat .

Head here for Server code of conduct.

Look forward to see you there!
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