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Countdown to Legend: 20 Years of Tim Schafer

Tim Schafer, creator of awesome games and all around tubular guy, recently celebrated his 20th year in the gaming industry.

He did so by regaling us, his doting and loving fans, with the story of how he got hired at Lucas Arts and began the legend of Schafer.


It can all be read there, with actual documents of his tremendous story shown to add dramatic effect and authenticity to a story that I know many will be entirely envious of.
Do I hear Lucas Arts fighting over the movie rights?

Behold, genius!

But, in all honesty, it truly is inspiring, as always, reading about a hero when they where as you are, young and idealistic and full of dreams. And it really is refreshing from our normal lives of abject failure to feast our eyes upon the tale of one with luck and success. But, again, I keep derailing my own thoughts with derangement. It is so fantastic to see that Tim got his job by doing what he does best: being funny, creative, and original.

I hope that when I'm grown up (21 isn't grown up anymore, right?) that I can at least be as half as funny, or half as cool as this man here.

Congrats on 20 years, Tim. Thanks for the memories. Here's to 20 more!
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