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Rumour: Yakuza 3 coming to Europe in March

Hey folks your friendly Fallout 3 hater is back. I wanted to give a spin on the new community blog features that the good dtoid hackers managed to implement!

Here's something I haven't seen around here yet, THE LATEST RUMOUR (Right after the Yakuza 1 & 2 playable on PS3 through PSN and that Yakuza 3 is coming to the west by means of a company I forget the name):

YAKUZA 3 is coming to europe in march! (or so sayeth a spanish magazine) (courtesy of Sega Nerds, courtesy of The Vandal)

So what does this mean? Is this god damn game finally gonna be translated?

I don't know, but listen to this awesome battle theme from the first game:


Anyone that tried the demo can attest that this game rocks, even if you don't understand crap about what they're saying. The combat system is just sweet, using those nunchuckus (nunchakus?) to unleash PAIN on those bastards is great. Batman also shares this characteristic with the Yakuza series, where you really feel the BEATDOWN you are deploying on those poor guys (mostly through a slow-down finish on the last guy and by EXTREME punching and cracking sounds).

Free hot picture for your pleasure

Even if this is just bullshit, we all know this game (and 4) must come to the WEST! And don't forget Yakuza Kenzan. Though I guess that one won't be coming here, since it features some kind of slave girl market or whatever.
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