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Gaming changed your life?...Oooooook then


This is going to have a little bit more of a serious tone to it because I have been up all night thinking about...life. Now before you all start to facepalm yourselves and think of me as an emo, hear me out because gaming and you, yes you, have a part in this and because of this I want you to try to understand it.

Some people look at certain means of entertainment and write it off their list before they can even comprehend the greatness of it. In fact we all do it. But I didn't come here to piss and moan about everybodies faults. We all have them, so why should I care about what your faults are when I have faults of my own that need sorting out? Perhaps the most fucked up thing about our faults is that we rarely even know what they are. Other people from a distance can make an assessment built up over time, but we as individuals can't for the life of us, change, without being able to safely say, "I am at fault here" or "I need to improve there" and it usually takes a long time for your brain to convince your heart to go ahead with attempting to create a better future for yourself by going through the forced but necessary changes.

I honestly don't know where the fuck I am going with this, but I know the reason I came on dtoid this morning was to make a point. A very important point.

We all go through shit at one point or another and when it happens it is like being put into a blender with a fuck load of doubt, fear and self conciseness. The amount of shit a person goes through in life is irrelevant...but what is relevant, is how the person feels while going through the shit. If somebody is down and out, who are you (and who am I for that matter) to judge the degree in which a person should be pissed of at the world.

I have heard hundreds of people tell me that people are starving on the other side of the world and I should be greatful for what I have and who I have in my life. Fair enough, but if I am going through a bad state the last thing that is going to be going through my head is Keuth Fanarong...or something(My sponsor child from some bum-fuck-nowhere village...thing) and how he has to carry water buckets to the river and back every day. Sure, he's got it bad. But try as I might to give a fuck about Keuth in a time of personal change, my focus is on what is changing around me.

I still don't know where the fuck I am going with this and it probably makes no sense at all.

So where am I going with this Hailey Berry Oscar speech of a blog entry? A good friend of mine is going through some pretty difficult changes at the moment, and while many would consider these changes to be mediocre and not worth giving three fucks about, I consider these changes to be life altering. And anything life altering is serious fucking business.

Tonight while listening, talking and offering my support, I started to think about the times I have had to face myself or a forced act of change without wanting to submit to it. And sure it saddened me a little to think about shit like that, but through thinking about that depressing, wahhh wahhh, Nanbu styled bullshit, I came to a very special and important revelation...

Gaming has gotten me through some fucking HARD times, and it has always delivered. I am this solider once I put in Cod4, I am this driver in Midnight Club:LA, I am this fucked unit tearing others apart with chainsaws on machine guns in Gears of War. And through progressive gaming, film viewings, friendships and writing I got through it all. As have many others, as have probably you.

So, I'd like to tip my hat to gaming and everybody involved in it by saying a big cheers for getting me through the shit in the past and sticking around for the future. (Hope I don't get hit by a car today because it will kind of take away the meaning of this Ricky Lake story).

So, long story short (And I know for a fact you didn't read the whole thing because I wouldn't), thanks guys.

Moses Dillinger

P.S - What the fuck did I just write? And where the fuck did I get that from? ... Eh, I'm going to bed, its 10am now and I have been up since 9am yesterday. So, yeah...bye.

P.P.S - Wait, before I go, you need to see my Dad's opinion of video games, I filmed him and put something together I hope Dtoid will enjoy.

P.P.P.S - Click on the link in P.P.S

P.P.P.P.S - The statement in P.P.P.S is a direct order from the leader of your country...but since most people hate others above them, disregard that and suck cocks.

P.P.P.P.P.S - Add me on facebook here

P.P.P.P.P.P.S - I just had the most amazing piss of my life, and I sat down to take it.
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