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Blazblue Loketest underway. Nerfs/Buffs Galore!

As this is still going on in Japan, expect updates from both this dustloop thread and i'll try my best to keep this blog updated as it comes. First off, new carl portrait. (with a small look at Tager and Litchi and probably Taokaka on the side)

now...the goodies. So far, They seemed to be fooling with the main top 3 (Kune/Nu...who is now Nu 11 and not 13/Rachel.) The reason for Nu - 11 is probably due to the storyline. But it's also kinda not making sense apparently but you know how companies love to make new things make less sense in a fighter. There's a few Noel and Carl bits too (and a small portion of Jin.) still nothing on the others yet. Enjoy.

-UPDATE 1: Ragna, Tager, Hakumen bits added.

-UPDATE 2: Just a heads up, some of this stuff isn't completely confirmed (mainly the ? ones) so don't get your hopes up on some of the things.Also more Bang/Carl/Hakumen stuff added

-UPDATE 3: Redid Hakumen's section. Pretty much everyone except Ragna/Nu(now being called Lambda)/Litchi/Tsubaki updated

-UPDATE 4: Pretty much everyone has a good amount of info on them now. most of the info added now is a bit more clear to read (thanks to the DL info thread) and new pics of Ragna/Jin/ V-11(Lambda) added.

-UPDATE 5: Added a few more character portraits plus the pic claiming to be a in game shot of Terumi in the game (no one's sure if it's his ghost form, inside Hazama's body, or both.)

- New Move Berial Edge is not an overhead, can not combo from ground, slow
- Dead Spike seems like still suck pretty bad
- Damage from overhead nerfed
- no change to jump cancellable moves
- JD is smaller during Blood Kain
- CS still doesn't go through projectiles
- C is shorter but faster
- 22C's damage nerfed during combo

-5B is slow
-JB is slow, C>JB does not combo
-added J2C, which is old JC
-new DD Yukikaze 214214D, counter move same as Haku-men's one, 3882 damage
-J236D shoots out 2 projectiles instead of 3
-214B does not guarantee the knock down
-236C shoots out two projectile
-DPs, better CG graphic
-new JC looks like the second hit of 214D
-2B does not link to 5B
-A DP has longer recovery time makes it easier to punish
-214A/B/C moves the same distance
-Cannot combo after C DP counter
-JD is faster
-easier to tech after B DP, can not combo into C after B DP
-air 214B does not do knockdown motion
-easier to unfreeze 6D
-better Counter Assault
-C>6C doesn't work on crouch (it totally doesn't work if opponent is on the ground)

- 6A doesnt hit on most character's crouch motion
- Change to chain revolver, blueish color is now black
- Combo damage nerfed, combo from 6B does 3100
- You can counter Bullet Rain after Noel lands
- 236A/B/C becomes faster
- 6D becomes faster
- 22C loop nerfed, does only 2700 to Rachel
- new J6D move
- new move which is the 'old JD' directly from the ground
- 5C is shorter but faster
- 6C is slower
- 6C loop combo is still doable, but it is very hard and need to add 5A to do the loop
- 5A is slower

- new projectile DD
- new DD uses up all winds and will change depends on the number of wind left
- wind doesnt immediately recover after consumption
- easier to tech after JC
- no frog combo, frog does not activate during the combo
- sword iris command changes to 214C, has mid-air version
- Can't cancel J2C while recovering from a landing.
- hard to combo after 3C9D
- can not summon new flog immediately after the old one activated
- frog is now also affected by wind, but frog moves very slow without wind
- easier to recover after 6B counter
- J2C can not link to other normals on block
- new frog meter

- new down status throw called Rocket Finger which has magnetize property, 22D (the one like Ragna's 22C)
- Rocket Finger can be linked after A driver and 3C
- double the guard libra of other characters.
- new 4D move, magnetizes
- 623C has invincibility against HEAD attribute move
- Walk faster
- jump faster
- 2D is faster
- 5D has guard point and doesn't hit opponent far away, able to combo after it
- 3C pulls opponent back
- C is faster

- J236B changed to only hit in horizontal direction
- 3C>JD6>JC>J236B>J2DB doesnt combo
- 5B counter hit > 6C does not combo
- CD loop and taunt combo remains

- all green slower start up
- easier to tech after DP hits, cannot end the combo with DP setup
- Stick 5A, 2A links to 5B
- DP is now RCable

- Dive move is not overhead anymore, slow, dive cancel only possible at hit
- when curse meter gets full it goes to FEVER mode
- You cannot recurse opponent in the FEVER mode
- All bugs are changed, not as good as old ones (at least observing from the current point
- u can only summon bees while in FEVER mode
- bugs are huge
- once the curse mode starts it wont go away even if Arakune takes hit
- Fog move has no hitbox but if u touch it the curse meter will increase
- Fog adds 40-50% to meter Everything else 20-25%
- fast and short back step, no change to forward step

(old information posted was fake proven by somebody from JBBS)
- new command throw DD
- Furinkazan comes with consumer version song
- D move in general is faster
- Poison does more damage
- 6C combo works on more characters
- C is a bit slower

- J2C is no more overhead, slow
- no airthrow loop
- easier to tech after 2C
- 214C cancel remains
- no jump cancel after 5B when blocked
- Nirvana life goes down fast but recovers fast as well
- 214214D super does more damage
- new projectile is fast and reaches the corner
- can not air tech 8D
- no change to 2D 4D 6A, glide throw, Gear DD

- has new barrier move against projectile (?)
- barrier appears when he cuts the projectile (white circle with 封="Seal" kanji on the center)
- barrier absorbs the projectile and gets bigger
- barrier will last for a certain time and will disappear if opponent gets hit by it
- new 4C move, Gatotsu
- new J4C which is old J2C
- meter is easier to identify
- C 6C is faster
- new JC move looks like second hit of Jin's 214D

- range got shortened
- 2C is slow
- combo damage nerfed (2700-3400)
- new move Act Parser Zwei, Act Parser Zwei: Blade, Act Parser Zwei: Cavalier
- Act Parser Zwei is basically Jin's 214 move
- DD>4DD>236D doesn't combo, even DD>4DD doesn't combo
- No more special voice against Ragna
- No more raping Tager and Hakumen
- 5D is slower, throw>5D does not combo
- 214D goes further in the horizontal direction
- opponent can immediately tech after J214D hit (like Jin's 214B)
- 236D changes to the move where appears in the certain range and lasts for about 3-4hits

- fast, run in the same speed as Noel does
- Order-Sol style character
- charge with 5D, 2D and JD
- charge meter goes down when charged-special move is used
- charge Lv.1 command throw does 1800 damage, whereas charge Lv.5 command throw does 5000 damage

- Burst becomes GG style, stock up to 2 bursts
- Burst no longer have damage penalty
- You start with 1 burst in round 1, and get 1 more burst per round, can stock two. So if you don't use your burst round one, you end up with 2 in round 2, but you can not stack anymore after that.
- You get one extra burst next round if you lose the round
- When regular gold burst hits opponent, opponent will bounce high and able to combo from there
- Guard Libra retains from round to round
- All AH unlocked
- You can use AH when you need one more round to win (not the final round of the match) with 100% meter and opponent's life is below certain percentage, character shines in white when it is possible to activate AH
- Heat Gauge goes up automatically from the beginning of the round (Yes, Everybody is like Haku-men now)
- Guard Libra length changes for every characters, meter goes down if the character blocks the specific move that breaks the guard (e.g. blocking Λ-11-'s 214D will let meter go down by 2)
- Guard Libra number
11 Tager
06 Hakumen Bang
05 Jin Noel Litchi Tsubaki
04 Ragna Rachel Arakune Taokaka Carl
03 Λ-11-

- Projectile such as Arakune's Bee and Rachel's flog has a circle around them, easier to identify
- better animation
- new effect, new voice
- life bar turns red when it is extremely low
- New face pictures for character select screen

V-11 (Lambda) portrait
Ragna/Jin portraits
Noel/Tager/Taokaka/Rachel portraits
Bang/Carl/Hakumen/V-11 portrait
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