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An Introduction to William Blake - The Gamer Dad


There comes a time in everybodies life where they must accept the fact that they are outdated, aging and moving ahead in life. It is a natural occurrence that allows the younger generation to step forward and assume the role of the up-and-coming parents, guardians and safe keepers.

Many people loose track of their younger selves as this occurs and feel that they need to grow up. Shifting their interests to a more mature category...such as wine and cheese nights with friends instead of getting pissed in the back yard on a cask of cheap goon.

William Blake is here to inform us on his generation of gaming and recreational activities, and we (Refused Classification) are here to exploit his past and try to bring him up to date with the latest generations choice of fun. We hope you enjoy the first of what we hope to be many episodes through Destructoid.

For now, we feel you should first get to know the man who will attempt to bridge the gap between the old and the new, in terms of generational differences and gaming. We present to you...William Blake

Stay tuned for next week, where William Blake will make his first attempt on playing the Xbox360 and give us his impressions.

P.S - I wrote this entirely while taking a shit
P.P.S - Feel free to thrown us some suggestions on games William Blake should try out
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An Introduction to William Blake - The Gamer Dad
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