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Wind Waker's music is so... magical

To this day I dislike the Powerpuff Girls aesthetic that The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker used. I found the cel-shading beautiful, but the art style was not my cup of tea. However, I still played through and beat the game, and even though it isn't my favorite Zelda I felt it was nevertheless a very good game. Part of this was how well the game delivered the sense of awe and wonder unto the player that Link felt, through the expansive world and impressive locals. Another reason that the game's music, a departure from the traditional fair of Zelda, was very Celtic-inspired, and though it took a little to get used to the genre mix-up, the music did a very good job at maintaining that feel of wide-eyed adventure.

Though some people may prefer other Zelda titles' soundtracks--I personally loved Twilight Princess' music--something I've noticed is that Wind Waker's music seems to translate much more fluidly than the other games into real-world compositions. There are tons of remixes and covers of Zelda music, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but in my experience, WW's music seems to become a lot more endearing and touching.. I'd like to provide some examples.

A breathtaking one-man-band rendition of the main theme. This dude's also done an incredible rock medley of Mega Man 9's music, so check him out!

I would be remiss were I to not include the famous "Big Band Live" performances of the themes for Dragon Roost Isle and The Wind Waker, respectively. Gorgeous stuff.

It just seems to me that WW's music just has a higher ceiling than other Zeldas' music, especially considering that everyone (myself included) knows and loves the two renditions Big Band Live did... and doesn't give a second listen to the other Zelda tunes Big Band Live covered. Heh....
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