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Alice in Chains coming to Rock Band on Tuesday?

I'm an Alice in Chains fan, have been since the 90s, when I was too young to understand what the hell Layne Staley was talking about in "Rooster" but I still loved the band. Even now with the black afro man replacing a deceased white man, I still love the band and can't wait for the new album.
Looks like I'll have more than just a new album to get excited for.

Got this in my email inbox today:

AIC Rock Band Cluster
To coincide with the release of Black Gives Way to Blue, AIC has partnered with Rock Band to release two very special download packs. The first download pack, available on Tuesday, will feature "A Looking In View", "Check My Brain", "No Excuses", "Rooster", and "Would?". Keep a close eye on AliceInChains.com for more news about the release of the second download pack coming soon.

Looks to me like we're gettin us some Alice in Chains for Rock Band! And a second batch at a later time!
Guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow when HMX releases their official updates, but I'm guessing it's pretty legit coming direct from Alice in Chains.

Now if only we'd get some Breaking Benjamin or COLD.
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