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Girls Go Geek - My 45 seconds?


It's been a while since this girl gamer has been on TV but luckily I tend to run into the right people through all my journeys. At the end of August, I went to the Fan Expo in Toronto and happen to run into Amber MacArthur, tech guru and host of Xbox Live's Girls Go Geek.

I had been conversing with Amber online and she invited me to do her show's tip of the week segment. Of course, I suck at games on Xbox so we opted to just talk about 1 vs 100 instead of trying to pawn some weak wisdom of mine onto the masses. I doubt you guys need to hear my Fable 2 fashion tips.

Anyway, the episode, Episode 6, that the tip appeared in is now up on Xbox Live in the US only but non-US subscribers can see a preview here. Just hit the preview button for Episode 6.

Try not to make fun of me too much. I'm not the best in front of a camera.
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