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Game Endings That Made Me Cry Inside :(

Man... I was just on my way home on the bus, listening to my iPod, when the track went from Jay-Z to the song for the end credits in Crisis Core. For those that have played & completed that game, know that the ending is an emotional headspin! Well, it was for me at least. So much so that it kick started a mental brainstorm of all the games that oozed a similar fragrance into my spongy heart. Yes, I'm feeling rather poetic today. I recalled on all the games that have made me feel like crap after beating it. Interestingly, it turns out all the games that cast the spell on me, have something in common. "What is it?", you ask?

Keep reading and you will see. Oh, and if you see a game that you haven't completed yet in the list, take care when reading because they may contain slight spoilers. So get your hand ready to cover your monitor if need be! This list is in no particular order.

Sonic Adventure: E-102's Ending

Yeah, this one really got to me. I developed a soft spot for the metal machine. He had emotions, just like you and I have. A robot with a cute blue birdy as it's core, has to have feelings! Anyway, I remember vaguely that the last boss in his storyline was his brother E-105? (Im trying to remember without checking wikipedia or scribblenauts...) Upon defeating him, he gets in the cheapest among cheapshots on E-102! The nerve! Our friendly robo, slowly walks away from his exploding brother and I cant remember to clearly but all I know is his theme song starts to fade in, as he 'dies'. Even though he still lives on as the bird that follows Amy during the super sonic campaign, it was still pretty emotional. I sobbed.

There you have it. My short but sweet list of games that made me enter an internal recession. Im sure there is alot more I am forgetting, but, 5 is a good number to end with.
As you may have realised, the theme all these games have in common, is that they all used music to deliver the coup'de grace. Sure every game has a track playing during the ending, but the songs played here were really heart wrenching. The timing they came in and what was happening on screen during its track length, all got to me. I guess this further solidifies the fact that music is indeed a powerful tool. If these endings had nothing but dialogue, they would not hold the same effect at all.

I would like to know, if any, what games made you guys cry inside, or cry out loud even. It's okay to admit it. Heck, if i was anymore emotional than I am now, I would of cried at all of these games and probably would of went out to go and beat up a member of the government due to MGS3!
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