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Lose/Lose, a videogame with dire consequences


Lose/Lose is a game created by Zach Gage. In it, your supposed to kill aliens by shooting them. Simple premise right? But there's a twist put on this, every alien is randomly generated and made according to a file located somewhere on your computer. When you destroy that alien, the file it was made from gets permanently deleted from your hard drive.

According to the creator, Lose/Lose is supposed to question the act of killing in a video game. The main question it raises is "Do we hold the value of virtual items over real physical beings?" The aliens never attack you, so should you attack them or not? Normally you would say "it's a video game, of course I'm going to kill them!", but this time the consequences of your data being deleted are tacked on, so you're left with the option to think about what to do. This ultimately boils down to what's more important to you, the alien's lives or your data? Obviously no one's going to give a shit about the aliens, and this brings about a flaw with the game.

So is this an effective way to even raise this question? Sure, it would suck to have files on my computer be deleted permanently, but of course I'm going to care more for the files on my computer over some alien in a video game that I don't care for in the least bit. The circumstances would be different if some bad guy was holding a gun to someone's head, while he dangled my PC above a crater of lava and asked me to choose between the two. Technology undoubtedly plays an excruciatingly important role in our world, but will our technology become more important then the people who inhabit our world? Some would say it already has, but there's always room for things to get worse.

Anyone willing to take the risk and try out Lose/Lose?

Play Lose/Lose
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