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My kid is sick and I really want to play games. Instead I'm going talk about them.

Yeah, life sucks. What the fuck does a guy have to do to play some video games? I'm not really as upset as I seem seeing as how my daughter has a fever and all, but still. I have barely gotten to play anything in days. At least 2 of them, maybe 3. I can't even remember. But let's not go there. No, we'll talk about that another time, perhaps when my wife and children drive me completely bat-shit insane one day.

Speaking of bats, let's skip the family counseling and talk some Batman: Arkham Asylum for a few minutes. That was a great lead in if I do say so myself. Fuck you if you disagree. Anyway, now that I ruined the awesome lead in, let's get back to the game. So yeah, Batman finally has a great game. I came away very impressed with it, so much so that I actually decided to go after all 1000 achievement points, something I honestly only bother to get when it's extremely fucking easy. My only completed games are Sonics Genesis Collection and King Kong if you need some reference on how important finishing a game completely is to me. For some reason, probably a combination of my love for Batman and the overall quality of the game, I feel compelled to finish this game completely. I have only to finish the game on Hard and get one easy achievement for 10 points and I will have completed my task. Sure, it's not the most difficult game to 100% complete, but it's still somewhat of an accomplishment for such a lazy piece of shit like myself.

Anyway, beyond that there's nothing I can say about the game that hasn't already been said a million fucking times already, so I'll kind of leave that be for now. I would like to mention that my son has taken a huge liking to Batman lately, mostly due to seeing him in the game and asking me questions, which lead to me playing some Batman cartoons for him. We've watched everything, from Batman: TAS to The Batman and even the new Superman/Batman team-up movie that comes out next week. My son likes pretty much everything except Batman Beyond. He seems kind of scared of Batman in that one, which I think is certainly possible for a 4 year old. He does look a bit nastier in it. Like he'll bite your fucking finger off or some shit.

Yeah. Enough about Batman I suppose.

I'll be getting Halo 3: ODST in the mail any day now from GameFly, and I'm kind of excited. It seems to be very different from the Halo 3 campaign, which is a plus for me. I usually play Halo for the multiplayer, but since this is different I feel like there's a chance I may really like it. The campaign in Halo 3 just bored the shit out of me whenever I tried to play with my wife. So I'm hoping for the best. Either way I still feel the title won't warrant a purchase, at least not for me personally. I'm sure Firefight will be great, but with no real new multiplayer the game just doesn't seem like I'll get enough out of it. I do of course always hope I'll be proven wrong. We'll see.

Besides Halo, there's Brutal Legend and of course my personal most anticipated game, Uncharted 2. As many of you may and should know if you've read my blog but probably don't because nobody really remembers a damn thing I say, the original Uncharted is one of my favorite games of this generation. Sure, it's not particularly innovative but it makes up for that with it's polish and charm, not to mention the great gameplay that Naughty Dog has always been known for. It really feels like you're playing a Hollywood action movie, and a good one to boot. I never really got that feeling from another shooting game. Usually the satisfaction comes from the killing, not everything else. I never understood why so many people were turned off by the game before it was released. I remember Dtoids own Niero for one always calling it Dude Raider and I also remember when he wrote a blog saying how much he ended up liking it.

What the fuck did you people expect? Seriously? Did you not play Jak and Daxter or the old Crash Bandicoot titles? Hell, Crash Bandicoots kart racing game was amazing! I'm sure they've made a bad game at some point, but not that I know of. But anyway, you all know how good they are now, or at least most of you. Some people just don't dig the games, and that's OK. People are different.

I just hope to God my wife doesn't follow through on this idea of hers that involves giving the game to me for Christmas so she'll know for sure she got me one great gift. I keep telling her that I'd rather buy it myself, but she keeps insisting. I'm going to try to convince her not do this and instead get me Brutal Legend, but to be honest I'm probably fucked.

That's family life for you.

Sorry for the somewhat disjointed and sloppy writing, but I'm just kind of rambling here. Besides, the batman lead in thing was great so I fucking win. Anyway, goodnight Dtoid, have a good one and all that jazz. I love you all, even those of you who dislike the batman lead-in line. Fo' realz yo.
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