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I Hate My Age Group.

And here's why. Many of you do not know this, although I've made it a point in my other blogs, I am a young gamer. At the age of 15, I'm often grouped in with the "adolescent" crowd. The actual age, however, is not the problem. Call me an adolescent, that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is that I'm at the same level as these pricks Jim Sterling keeps ranting about. I'm here to state my case: Not all younger gamers are rude, immature idiots. There's a revolution happening, my fellow DToiders. A revolution of mature, polite, and considerate young'ins. And I'm a part of it.

I started gaming at the age of three. This was the time of Diddy Kong Racing and Rayman 2. I never got to enjoy the "true" classics, such as the original Final Fantasy or Megaman titles. Although I'm not particularly fond of these retro games, I'm humbled by the fact that they exist, and many gamers love them. My entry into gaming was successful and, well, awesome. My entry into online gaming, however, was not. At the age of 11 I picked up Counter Strike: Source and played it heavily. I wasn't the best at the game, but I could keep myself out of last place. My Counter Strike days did not last long after I got my microphone, though. When I plugged in and said a quick "Hey, guys, what's up?", the entire server was in an uproar. I honestly wanted to have a nice, civil conversation, but was shot down because my 11-year-old voice was high-pitched. Four years later, I play on the very same server I did that faithful day, and am a part of the flourishing community. So there's a little info on where I come from.

What angers me is that people my age get a bad rep. My "peers", if you will, are the ones flaming forums for no reason and calling you a "st00p1d faggot" on Xbox Live. It infuriates me to know that I'm categorized as one of these people. Being a younger gamer is no longer a blessing, being one of millions who share the same hobby. No, I'm now grouped together with these little shits who just learned the word "fuck" on Xbox Live.

So with this, I'm imploring you, Destructoid, to see younger gamers with a different perspective. I am NOT following the young gamer stereotype. I am a mature, responsible person, and I want to be on the same level as older gamers. Allow me to apologize for my peers, and let me assure you that I'm here to make a difference.
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