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The Forgotten: Demo Discs

Ah, the internet. You're so wonderful, especially to us gamers. It's just a shame that to get you we had to give up so many of the things we so do love; gaming magazines, no true sense of animosity, that great feeling of playing on a couch next to your buddy... but of all the things we lost, the one I'll miss the most are demo discs.

To this day, I will still pick up my old demo discs and play each of the games on them just to make sure I haven't missed anything. I even have walked into my many local Play N Trades and picked up inexpensive PS1 games merely on the fact that I loved the demo but never bought the game back in the day when it was full price. And let's not forget the nostalgic lore that hid behind some of these discs too. It's how we got to play games before anyone else. I seem to recall legends of one or two publishers accidently releasing full games on PSM discs instead of demos. Even Reverend Anthony has admitted that the Metal Gear Solid demo had taken on a life of its own based on how much we all played what was a pretty long demo.

Many other systems had demo discs such as the PS2 and Dreamcast, and there were many other ways to get the discs as well (Pizza Hut, anyone?). Some were good, some were bad, and others were just loaded with hidden treasures you almost missed. But in my opinion, they truly shined on the PS1 where there was a true hodgepodge of all kinds on a single disc. And if you're ever in the game store and you see a PS1 demo disc for about 99 cents, it's worth checking out. You might be surprised how much fun you'll have with it. And those of you who still have a trove of discs from your subscription to PSM or Underground, dig them back up! They're a great piece of nostalgia, gamer history, the 90's, and of course, fun.

Do you guys have any amazing memories about your demo discs?
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