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How to embrace Imbalanced Character Design In Fighters

The word "Fair", is a common one, used in a variety of sentences. "My my, what a fair day it is today". "Daddy, can we go to the funfair!?". "I'm sorry sir, you don't have a valid ticket. Now you must pay the... fare...".. Okay, maybe "Fair" Isn't used in that many sentences. I bet the one line we have all heard in all places in all the years of our lives however, is:

"That's Not Fair!" ><"

Many times have we softly muttered this under our breath, or horribly screamed it to the top of our neck whilst throwing the pad at the wall nearest to the television. A friend of mine has burned through 9 PlayStation 2 pads just from throwing them in pure anger. Lets hope for the sake of him and his family, that joy-pads are never crafted out of sharp metal. It is no secret that games love to TEEF us sometimes (Teef being British/Jamaican slang for stealing) most of the time, it is the computer AI, or the single player mode, the last boss, the first boss, heck, even the games environment can Teef us when it wants to. Can anyone spell, lack of collision detection in the wall in an FPS? However, in light of all of these subjects, the most that me and "That's not Fair" has had a rendezvous, is with Fighting Games.

My point is pointing to this - Theres a lot more to fighters than characters, statistics, fireballs, etc. Fighting games involve mind games, trickery, baiting people out, controling the flow of the match, shaolin monks, fear, personality, and a wad of alot more. Not to say that, me being afraid of Jafar, means that it happens to everyone. Im sure there might be some players who wont let that effect them, but it doesnt change the fact that fear is a human emotion, as is with all other emotions. Some of these emotions can be toyed with in an arcade/tournament fighting experience.
Imbalanced characters in a fighter will always be around. Either because there will be humans that always take certain characters to levels that the developers didn't even know was possible, or because more and more games are just badly made. Whichever the reason, don't be a sheep and follow the heard of Chun-Li's, Magnetos, Storms and all the other over powered (or maybe, more explored) characters. If you wish to take your Bridget from Guilty Gear or your Dan from Street Fighter, to the top. It can be done. You just need to work on more than just the game. Work on yourself as a human being. Hows that for wisdom?!

What other experiences have you had with imbalanced characters? What is the most amazing thing you have seen a person using a typically under explored character do? Have any of you had similar intimidating experiences in an arcade setting? I'd love to hear the stories. :D
I hope you enjoyed my 1st ever blog post on Dtoid, and if you'll excuse me, I need to work on my finger press ups, for that Iron Grip!
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