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Mooks vs Destructoid, Round 1! Now with Earthbound Cosplay!

Hey there D-Toiders and True Believers!

It is I! Long time lurker and recent poster that most of you haven't probably seen! That's ok, I do kind of lay low and only comment on stories when I feel I have something to add to the discussion. None the less! I hope to start becoming a decent, upstanding citizen in Mr. Destructoid's brigade of nere-do-wells! I will achieve this through a series of biting, yet incisive, yet witty, yet genre-straddling, yet unconscious posts about gaming as I see it!

Which is very opinionated and mostly educated.

Most of the time.

Other times I will write about how (obscure game here, let's say, Earthbound) is the greatest game of (this year/all time/never) and go into reasons why you should or shouldn't agree with me!

How could you not love Earthbound for giving us this?

So, I hope to be seeing your pretty names and avatars around!
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About Mooksone of us since 8:09 PM on 04.18.2009

My real name is Mark. But my name is also Mooks. It's short for Mookie. I want to be a writer, a director, a musician, a game designer, an actor, and a constantly awesome person. Most days I forget I'm a senior in college.

I have been gaming since I was a newborn, when my uncle put an unplugged NES controller in my hands. In some ways, I've never let go. From there I took the Nintendo/PC path down gaming lane. I had a Genesis, but the only games I had were Sonic games. My favorite game growing up was Earthbound.

I am obsessed with story in video games and am always looking for the next game that makes me laugh, cry, or think. Although I also love a good mindless shooter or puzzle game here and there.
On the topic of best stories in games, I believe these titles, in no particular order, showcase what I believe to be indicative of our medium moving forward as respectable artworks.

Mother (1 2 and 3)
Metal Gear Solid (particularly 2 and 3)
Anything touched by Tim Schafer
Shadow of the Colossus
Silent Hill
Eternal Darkness
Half-Life series

More to come as I think of them.

But yeah, that's it for now. See ya around D-Toid.
Xbox LIVE:mookiebean1515
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Steam ID:mookie1515
BattleNET:[email protected]


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