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Metroid: The hat battle.

As some as you know I crochet. I've talked about my works before. Normally I'm very sure of exactly what I want in my finished product. But I've run into a bit of a snag. I've got two different prototype Metroid hat models. One is an almost perfect representation of the original NES Metroid. The other is more of a stylized interpretation. I like elements of both. But I'm not quite sure if I should go with, one, the other or combine the two for the final version. So I'm looking for some feedback. Tell me what you like or don't like about each of the prototypes. Prototype "A" on the left is the original version, prototype "B" on the right is the stylized.

The "B" hat may look a little shorter that the "A". That would be fixed in the final version.
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