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'Ello, 'Ello. (A Brief, Yet Triumphant Introduction)

So, I realized that I've been a member of this fine site for at least a year now and I haven't wrote a single blog, much less introduced myself. So, on this day, I've decided to, well, remedy that situation. Let's see...my name is Rob, but you can call me by whatever name you desire, just don't call me late for dinner (HEY-OH). I've been playing videogames for almost sixteen years. It all started when, for my fourth birthday, my parents decided to get me an SNES and Super Mario World...the rest is history.

Now, since I'm really terrible at introductions, and even worse at describing myself, not to mention the fact that this IS a gaming website, I figured it'd be both easier AAAAAND ironic (don't ya think) if I present a couple things about myself...VIA LIST FORMAT!!!! (Yay)

So, without further ado...

Five Things You Don't Know About Me, But Probably Never Cared To Know Anyways!!!

1: I'm An Apsiring Journalist
Yes, yes, I know. Practically everyone says that nowadays. However I'm quite serious in my aspirations, currently going to college to get a major in Journalism. I've always had a love for writing, and (for some unexplained reason) people have always told me I have a certain 'flow' with words, so after a while I started thinking "Hey, maybe it could happen", which led to me finally getting off my ass and getting into college. So, maybe in the next five or six years I'll be doing some spotted somewhere doing freelance work dropping a review on Guitar Hero 11, or bringing news of the latest Perk additions to Call of Duty 9, or what-have-you. Who's to say?

2: Videogames Aren't My True Love
Okay, let me clarify- I love videogames. A lot. They're pretty much ingrained into my reality to the point of abject alienation to anyone that doesn't play videogames. However, there is another, and that would be music. Growing up with a DJ for a father, a choir singer for a mother, and a bassist for an uncle, it was bound to happen. Nowadays, I follow in my dad's footsteps as a DJ, while also devoting time to getting better at the drums and occasionally even getting behind the microphone to do really bad acoustic covers of songs that have no reason to be acoustic...and no, you'll never hear them. Also, I guess it would go without saying that, as big a role music plays in my life, my favorite games tend to be of the rhythm variety, mainly the Rock Band series, though I do have a soft spot for DJ Max Portable 2 (The import version, not the one that made it's way to America), and will divulge a helluva lot of time into DJ Hero when it lands in stores.

3: There Was A Time When I Had A Giant Collection Of Games
Yeah, it's true. Almost three years ago, at the ripe age of seventeen, I had a collection that most people would dream of. SNES, Genesis, N64, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, Xbox, Gamecube, Game Gear, and every iteration of Game Boy to have come out then, with maybe 350 games between them. About 75% of which I had bought myself, with the rest being various gifts I got while growing up. However, a house fire sweeped through and destroyed all of it, save for my GBA SP and a copy of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. So a lot of money is spent trying to recover my old collection, though I've put that project on hold to focus on college expenses. So far I've managed to re-purchase an SNES, Dreamcast, and PS1, while picking up a PSP and 360 as well just to keep me entertained. I'm sure one of these days I'll get back to having a great collection, but for now I have more important things to devote my time to. And, in a way, the fire wasn't that bad. I may have lost damn near everything, but I gained a respect for living, which is worth so much more. (Yaaaaaaay sentimentalism)

4: I Met Freezepop Once
Why is this important you ask? BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING FREEZEPOP DAMMIT. But yeah, they're all incredibly approachable, which is probably the same case for all Harmonix employees. We all basically talked about the one time they got arrested at the Canadian border for not having valid work Visa's. Great stuff.

5: I Can't Think Of Anything Interesting Enough To Make Number Five
'Tis sad but true. I'm kinda boring.

So yeah, that's it. Next time, expect something useful. I'm hoping to review the new Rock Band peripherals if I can saddle up the cash for them, though I hope to do far more then that. So, basically, keep an eye on this, hopefully now that I've broken by Cblog cherry I'll be using this much more often.
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