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No More Heroes 2 spoilers make me spoil my pants

Ok, if you've been on media blackout for NMH2, avoid this post. That said, this stuff has been known for a while, so you're not going to have anything major spoiled if you check it out (like me).

1up is starting a week-long feature on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, and they've released their first article after interviewing some Grasshoppers.

They confirm that Motion+ will not be a part of the game; but in an odd twist they revealed that the game can be fully played by using the Classic Controller. They also stated the obvious in that the sequel looks incredibly better than the first game. Lastly, they revealed that Suda was initially disappointed with the animators' work for the wrestling moves, so he used the wrestling moves on the animators to inspire them.

They also have some gorgeous new pics.

mai waifu

Sir Henry Mother Fucker
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