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My obligatory PAX 09 'I <3 U' post


I seriously don't even know where to start when it comes to making a post on the amazingness that was the Penny Arcade Expo of 2009. The whole thing was just such a positive experience for me, I am totally at a loss for words just how amazing it was.

Definitely my favourite part of the entire weekend was meeting all these people who I interact with online every day in real life. It really was a surreal thing finally putting faces to names.

There really isn't anything else that I could possibly put in this introduction section that probably hasn't been said in someone else's previous PAX blog, so I'll just post a shit load of me with other Dtoiders, along with random stories that pop into my head. I hope that isn't a problem for you guys.

One thing that I couldn't help but notice was just how sexually attractive everyone in the Dtoid community is. From Mama Donna, to R3Y, to Necros, to Nukka Jdav, to Stella Wong, to Mikey, to Dale North, to Niero, to Knives, to Tactix, to Funktastic, to Hamza (especially to Hamza ;), and to everyone else, I want to feel the warmth of all your bodies at once. This really does sound like a Chad Concelmo style exaggeration , but I'm really not kidding. The Dtoid community is probably the hottest group of people on the internet.

It was totally mindboggling, the sheer amount of people that showed up. As most of you probably know, this picture was taken just moments after Destructoid's panel. OH! I almost forgot about this story. When I was waiting in line with some Dtoiders to get into the panel, Niero just walks up to me randomly, intorduces himself, and says "Hi Garison". It was literally the first time I ever seen him, and it means the world to me that he thought to come say hi.

I'm probably just being the over-emotional person that I am, but it really was awesome. Also, later, when they were handing out the "Become" t shirts, there was a mistake with my order, and it got left in Miami. Niero offered me the shirt right off his back, I had to decline, but the fact that he would do that just proves how awesome of a guy he really is.

We really are lucky to a guy like him running Destructoid. If it weren't for him, none of us would have even met each other. <3

I'm pretty sure I was the youngest member to show up to the event, but did that stop me from having a nice cold glass of grape drink? No sirree.

One of my favourite parts of the weekend was being able to meet the adorable Colette Bennett. We've talked online a number of times before finally meeting for the first time at PAX, sonit was totally obligatory that we took a cliche MySpace style scene-kid photo. :P

A picture of The GHost proposing to me, replacing the engagement ring with Funkstastic's Domo-kun plush. Yeah.

Another highlight was meeting the beautiful EternalPlayer. We had many good conversations sitting on the bench outside the 21 and over bar, on account of we couldn't get in on account of we weren't 21.

But seriously, EternalPlayer is the best.

I remember the first time I ever seen Chad Concelmo. There was a big group of Dtoiders walking down the sidewalk, when we came to another large group of Dtoiders. Chad happened to be in that other group, and one of the first things he did was ask Phoenix Blood if he could put babies in her. She said yes, and they had sex right there on the sidewalk.

It was Funktastic's idea to get a Cblog recap team photo toghether. And boy was it an awesome idea. From left to right: Pendelton21, Funktastic, Qalamari, me, and ScottyG.

Sadly, this photo is no longer applicable, as I have stepped down from the position as Friday's official recapper. Who knows though, maybe I'll take back the responsibility again one day ...

Stella, Bleach Boy, and me. Funny thing, actually PAX weekend was the first time I ever played Mega Man 2, Bleach Boy and I went to the Console Freeplay area and we plowed through 3 or 4 levels before I got too frustrated and started screaming f-bombs at the screen. People were staring.

On Saturday I casually stopped by The Behemoth's booth, only to find my favourite person ever, the Clown Princess from Castle Crashers! Weird thing, actually, when I walked up to her for a chat, she says "HEY! You changed your hair since I last saw you!" I was like, "what, I've never even been to a con before", so she said that she remembered me from Comic Con. Definitely weird. But we hung out for 15 minutes, then I peaced out. I wonder if she will remember me next year?

I have to give a shoutout to my Backwards-Compatible podcast buddy, James (or Nukka Jdav). I miss this guy :(

Funny story about me and Rev. As I was checking into my hotel on Thursday night after a long day or travel, I hear the famous Anthony Burch's voice behind me. I turn around, to see him sitting majestically on this big throne of a chair, surrounded by Ashley Davis, Ashley Burch, and Aaron Linde. I walk over to them, shake their hands, say hi, and then collapse on the floor. I pretty much fainted.

Most embarrassing thing ever! ^_______^

Yashoki and I had this fascination with the sparkly sidewalk outside the convention center. it doesn't really show up that well on camera, but trust me, if you see it IRL, you will SHIT BRICKS.

I punched a shark in the face.

Then a shark carried me around for a while.

TACTIX <3 We had a good cuddle sesh.

One of my favourite person I got to meet at PAX this year, Miss Stella Wong, <3 You're the best.

GHost ... :O

Even Tactix' dick wears a fedora ;)

And last but not least, Hamza butt rapes Suff0cat.

So, I"m going to try my hardest to make it to Boston in March for PAX East, but I definitely can't make any promises right now. I hope to see everyone then! <3

[EDIT: I decided to throw a bunch more pictures in. Just cause.]

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