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Joining the D-Toid community.

Hello there!

Been an avid (obsessed) D-Toid reader for about 6 months now. Originally was a Kotaku-obsessed reader but gradually grew a bit tiresome of Kotaku, and being aware of D-Toid as an alternative, started relying on D-Toid more. I like the community voice of D-Toid a lot more than Kotaku, but I still love both sites. So now I'm impulsively signing up between classes and hoping to start participating in the community here.

Sorry for the lack of formatting. It will probably take a couple of weeks before I get around to it... For one, I'm busy with college and work, as well as obsessing over The Beatles: Rock Band and other gaming stuffs, and two, I'm not great at even basic forms of programming so I'm going to need to start dabbling, but now I'm established and ready to go when I find the time!

If you happen to stumble across my humble little upstart blog here, feel free to add me on PSN or Xbox Live -- but please try to note in your friend request that you're from D-Toid. J_ToSaveTheDay on PSN and R0EK on Xbox Live. I'd love more than anything else to make some actual gaming friends here on the site.

Until next time.

[EDIT] (Copy-pasting from comments below by suggestion)

A bit more about myself:

Gaming started for me at age 4, because my dad owned an Atari 2600. Since then, he would consistently buy new gaming systems for my brother and I, with our next one being Sega Genesis when I was 6. I haven't played them all, and my biggest gap of gaming history was never owning my own NES, though I did go on to own all of Nintendo's major platforms afterward.

I'm a Metal Gear Solid fanboy, and my favorite of the series is 4; I'm also somewhat of a Legend of Zelda fanboy, and my favorite game in that series is a toss-up between Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker (I love Wind Waker's writing and art style above Ocarina of Time for sure, but when it comes to the actual experience of playing the games, I think Ocarina of Time might be superior). I dabble in all genres of gaming, but least so with traditional sports games. I'm a damned sucker for anything that promotes exploration, even if it's in a limited space! So recent releases like Arkham Asylum and Shadow Complex are right up my alley. I'm actually really not all that into puzzle games, but I've been known to enjoy one or two here and there (Lumines was the last one I really liked).

I do sort of try to experience the majority of big-name titles each year, which sometimes limits my exposure to lesser-known titles... I felt that was worth mentioning. I appreciate indie efforts and even get to enjoy smaller titles here and there, but my focus is generally on big-hype stuff.

This year I have really enjoyed BlazBlue, Arkham Asylum, The Beatles: Rock Band the most! But I have to give mention and praise to Shadow Complex, Street Fighter IV, and Resident Evil 5 for each showing me a good time this year as well. I am without a doubt going to get Halo 3: ODST, Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, and Assassin's Creed II this year, but I leave open the possibility that I will pick up Forza 3 and Brutal Legend as well, should I find myself able to save that sort of money.
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